Active Piezo Buzzer

Several electronic devices today apply piezoelectricity. For example, if you use some type of voice-recognition program, or even Siri on your smartphone, the microphone that you’re speaking into may perhaps be using piezoelectricity. That piezo crystal becomes the sound energy as part of your voice, and changes it into electrical signals to your computer or your phone to interpret.

Piezoelectric materials are materials which could produce electricity due that will mechanical stress, such when compression. These materials can deform when voltage (electricity) will be applied.

All piezoelectric materials are non-conductive in order that the piezoelectric effect to be able to occur and work. The actual piezoelectric actuator has a considerable amount of uses and applications. One example is, knitting machinery and braille models use these actuators, since they have such several moving parts and an exceptionally simple design. They could even be found in video digital cameras and cellular phones, all around health are proven most proficient being a auto-focusing mechanism.

Active buzzers are configured as indicators require only a dc voltage to operate and are limited to a single audio frequency operation. Kailitech active piezo buzzers include dimension range from diameter or length and width from 9. 0mm ~ 100mm, height from 1. 8mm ~65mm, SPL range from 65dB~ 120dB. Housing material can be ABS, PBT, PPO, LCP, etc.,and mounting methods including lead wire type, terminal type, pin type and panel screw terminals.



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