The Magic Of Vitamin B12 In Your Vape

It’s one such colloquial phrase that is quite popular among high school kids and refers to flavored e-cigarettes that satisfy one’s nicotine cravings.

Nevertheless, vaping vitamins is a whole new concept that is being looked at as a come-of-age and trendy way of stepping into wellness. 

These vitamin-infused vapes are scientifically-backed to enhance the absorption of Vitamin B12 in our body. 

smoking Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, which is also referred to as cobalamin, happens to be a water-soluble vitamin, It is also one out of eight vital B vitamins that play an important role as a cofactor for DNA synthesis and effectively regulates metabolism, amino and fatty acids. 

blood cells

It is also responsible for imparting energy levels, contributes towards maintaining one’s fertility, and also offers protection to nerves from damage (owing to the presence of myelin)

Although both are good options, Vitamin B12 injections can be a tad bit expensive, especially when your doctor prescribes one for a long time. Also, on the other end, wearing patches can be uncomfortable for many, and we already know how much people hate popping pills every day. 

Thus, vaping offers a good solution to the problem and rests the case as a hot, trendy way to consume Vitamin B12.

All it takes is a little handheld device that functions to draw steam out of a flavored liquid. It is this steam that a user ingests, in the very same manner as smoking a cigarette.

vape inhaler

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