Is it possible to change the name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

Hawaiian airlines booking

Learn how to change the name on a Hawaiian flight ticket

• At first, visit Hawaiian Airlines' official website

• Then go to the My Trips section from the home page

• After that, type the last name of the primary passenger

• Then enter your E-Ticket number in the designated area

• Tap continue to check all of your booked tickets and pick a particular flight for a change

• Type in the correct name change you'd like to make, then pay the charge to save it

What is Hawaiian policy for changing the name on a ticket?

• According to Hawaiian Airlines name change policy, passengers may correct a minor spelling error on a booked ticket.

• Furthermore, Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to change their last name on their ticket if the change is legal.

• When applying for a legal name change on a ticket, you must provide Turkish Airlines with a full set of document proof, includes a Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, etc.

• Eligible name changes on Hawaiian Airlines tickets are free; however, if your ticket was purchased from a third party, there is a change fee of $25 per ticket.

Complete instructions on how to apply for a Hawaiian Airlines name change, as well as the policy that regulates the procedure, are given below. Additionally, you can contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service department to inquire about other reservation-related information.

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