My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.1 (+18)

Alright I wanna try this again and see if I can actually finish a fanfiction. It's been a minute. This was inspired by a tiktok that my dear @royalpandajedi sent. Thanks Eomma!

Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung

What: Romance ( might have smut)

Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice.

Woo Yara stood outside the company building wanting desperately not to go into work today. Park Jinyoung was too harsh of a boss to deal with. He often called her plain or he'd walk into her then tell her she just blended into the background. He called her uninteresting and at one point made a statement to his friend right in front of her that he'd never find someone so lack luster appealing. So why did she stick around with such a horrible boss? Well, mainly because she hadn't bothered to look for a different job but also because Jinyoung's company held plenty of opportunities for her to move up in the latter. If she had to deal with his bad attitude then so be it.

Except, lately Yara was feeling very unmotivated. Perhaps Jinyoung's words were finally starting to get to her. If he thought so little of her presence now, what made her believe he'd see her potential for a promotion. Nevermind the fact that she kept his accounts in order, she fixed the two errors his past secretaries made or the fact that she made sure everyone's payroll was updated correctly and on time. HR wasn't an easy job and she didn't want to be stuck in it forever. When she interviewed for the job, she had expressed that she was looking to eventually make her way higher into the company. She applied for marketing in hopes to eventually become the chief marketing officer. She didn't even like HR work, she was hired on a trial basis and was told she would hold the position until Jinyoung could find a replacement. She had worked in HR in her previous job and hated it, but it was a stepping stone and she was good at it. Apparently, the original HR person had quit the day before her first day and they needed HR more than they needed another seat on the marketing team.

Here she was, four years later at the same job wondering how in the hell she even got hired. Only about a year ago did Jinyoung decide to add the additional task of giving her work that was basically meant for a private secretary. Honestly, she believed he was just doing this because she wouldn't argue about it. Part of her wondered if he was just trying to get her to quit. Jackson's voice was in the back of her mind telling her that she had to stand up for herself.

Jackson Wang and Yara became friends unexpectedly, in fact, she wasn't sure how it even happened. He's a choreographer and when they met it was by a coffee stand. She was turning around just as he was walking up and he made the hot coffee spill all over her. He apologized profusely, bought her a new cup of coffee and told her he could pay for her dry clearing. When she told him that her clothes didn't need to be dry cleaned, he asked her for her number. He wanted to make up for the accident and said he'd take her out to find a replacement outfit. Perhaps other girls would've thought he was hitting on her but Yara just thought he was weird. A couple days passed when they ran into each other again, although not so literally this time. They expressed they remembered each other and spoke a little before they separated again. Two weeks passed by when they saw each other in the mall, he was with some of his friends and she was with her girlfriends, Yumi and Seoyeon. They all hung out for hours that day, at some point her friends got Jackson's number. Maybe Yumi and Seoyeon gave Jackson her number or his friends gave it to him after getting it ftom one of the girls. She never did find out how that happened and he never answered the question the one time she did ask.

He sent her a lot of memes and gifs. At some point, they just started talking regularly. Does anyone really know when they become friends with someone or does the unspoken agreement that this is a friendship just get created over time? Jackson found her funny and liked her so he stuck around to bug her often. It was hard for Yara to really dislike him, he was like a giant child. No wonder he was a dancer, he had energy to fuel an entire dance crew. Jackson's personality was infectious too, annoyingly so. There were times she just wanted to be in a bad mood but he'd call her or send her a video message of him just being- well himself and it would always make her smile. Jackson just seemed to want to be friends; he'd had a few girlfriends during their friendship. Once, when Yara had attempted to date, they had a double date. Yara wasn't too impressed with her companion, it was a blind date set up by Yunmi and it wasn't good at all. Jackson was very cutesy with his date, it was so sweet it almost gave her a cavity.

Yara sighed,

"Come on Yara what would Jackson say?"

She didn't even have to wonder. She opened her phone and looked at an old video message he sent her,

"Yah! YARA! You are so wonderful you know that? Say you're wondeful. If you don't, next time I see you I will hug you to death. Just straight up smother you in my love. Have a good day you beautiful little punk. Also Mark says hi."

Yara laughed at the video. Okay, that put a smile on her face. It gave her enough of a good mood to walk inside the building and punch in the number in the elevator to head to her office. If she was lucky she wouldn't have to see Jinyoung. The elevator stopped one floor before hers, the doors opened...she wasn't lucky at all. Jinyoung came walking in with a woman behind him, she was slightly taller than Yara and she was in a navy blue blazer with a matching pencil skirt. Her black heels clicked on the floor of the elevator as she stepped in. Jinyoung was asking her about his meetings for the day that's when Yara realized that this woman was his new secretary. If she had been alone she would've verbally cried out in utter happiness but for now she celebrated in her mind. The doors opened to their floor and Jinyoung headed out first,

"Where is Yara by the way?" He asked.

"Are you kidding me?" She belted out before she could stop herself.

Jinyoung turned his head and looked back at her,

"Oh there you are, I want to see you in my office," he said.

He turned around and headed down the hallway. Yara wondered if that meant at the present moment or later on in the day. He was so tiring and rude. She was literally in the elevator when he walked in, there was no one else in there with her. It wasn't like he was looking at his phone and he was distracted. She was so annoyed steam could've been coming out of her head. His secretary looked back at her and said,

"Can you blame him? There's nothing really extraordinary about you. Anyone would miss you, even in an uncrowded elevator."

Yara bit her tongue. Her next words were about to contain the same amount of venom as a cobra's bite but she held herself together. If anything, she'd always maintained a professional demeanor in the company, aside from that little out burst a few moments ago. The secretary had walked away by now but Yara couldn't help but think aside from her having long legs and doing her make up really nice, she didn't see what made her so special. Yara had worn a similar suit like hers once before so what the hell was so special about her?

Yara headed to Jinyoung's office catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror wall he had adjacent to his office door. She stared at herself for a moment, her hand extended out to the doorknob to his office. She wasn't wearing make up; she knew how to use it but she rarely ever put it on. Her hair was long and down her back, it was in layers with the shortest part hanging only an inch above her shoulders. Her hair didn't look smooth and silky though; she had trouble remembering the last time she washed it.

Last Friday or was that two Friday's ago? Didn't I go out with Jackson to that Bar B que place? Damn it I can't remember

She did look a bit disheveled. She straightend her clothes out as best as she could. She could've used a good lint roller but that effort alone would have to do. Maybe her style was a bit plain but seriously who was she supposed to be impressing with her looks? She rolled her eyes. She remembered Jackson's message she had watched before coming inside. She opened the door and walked inside Jinyoung's office only to receive a whole load of work that she was pretty sure his new secretary could be taking care of. She nodded at her orders, took the work and headed to her office, just like she always did.

By the time lunch came around Yara felt like she'd spent years in a dungeon trying to spin straw into gold. The pile of papers she had was still too high and she was exhausted. Ultimately, she'd probably be taking this stuff home with her at the end of the day.

"Knock Knock,"

She looked up to see Jackson's childish smile. He was leaned up against the door and dressed like a street kid. His hat was on backwards, he had on a black tank with no sleeves and baggy pants. She sighed and leaned her cheek into her hand.

"Who let you in here dressed like that?" She asked

"When you're this adorable you can do anything."

He puffed up his cheeks a little with a smile so wide his eyes closed and he poked his fingers into the puffy cheeks. She was inclined to agree, perhaps it was because he was adorable that the two of them ended up as friends. It's not like when they first met she didn't find him attractive but she was always more cautious of people than she was enchanted by their looks. Jackson had turned out to be a good person to trust though. She smiled and said,

"Well I'm sorry Jackie but I can't go out to lunch today I have far too much-"

"Ah! Don't you finish that sentence or I will bop you over the head with this!" He pulled out a toy hammer that looked like it came from a super Mario factory.

He hit his hand with it and it made a squeaky sound that made her laugh. She tried to hide it behind her hand but Jackson knew his abilities. He pointed the hammer at her and declared,

"Now say you're going to lunch damn it or I will force feed you."

She cocked her eyebrow and gave a smirk as she said,

"Oh yeah, what are you going to force feed me with? Your little hammer?"

Getting the joke, Jackson gasped and covered his privates,

"My hammer is not little," he said in an pout.

That made her laugh again. Jackson calmed down his playfulness and came to sit in front of her desk.

"You do entirely too much work Yara. A little lunch is in order don't you think?" He complained.

"Jackson I wish I could but I have so many things to do."

"I acknowledge that. All I'm asking is for you to take a break and eat and then I will happily let you get back to work."

"No you won't you'll complain all the way back from the restaurant."

He held up his hand as if to protest then gave in,

"You're probably right but you can't very well work without eating. You'll pass out and then you'll never finish your work."

how much would that cost?

"Alright fine. Let's go to lunch."

Jackson smiled and stood up with Yara. They headed out the door and towards the elevator where they saw Jinyoung coming down the hall. He saw Yara and said,

"You. Are you done with that paperwork I gave you?"

Jackson looked at Yara just as she held her hand up to his chest to stop him from saying anything.

"Not yet Mr.Park."

"Then what are you doing?" He said plainly.


"Who are you?" Jinyoung asked.

Jackson was about to say something rude so Yara covered his mouth and said,

"He's just a friend. I'll finish the work when I get back Mr.Park."


"I better have those papers-"

"Okaythanksbye!" Jackson yelled as he grabbed Yara's hand and yanked her into the elevator.

He quickly pushed the close door button and relaxed as soon as the elevator began to move. Yara looked at him and said,

"You know he's my boss right. Don't get me fired."

"I don't like that guy," he seemed very serious, "he thinks just because he has money he can look down on people. Damn it, guys like him piss me off. And I hate how he talks to you, why do you let him do that?" He said.

She shrugged,

"I'm just used to it."

She actually didn't know why she put up with it. It was just easier than starting trouble. Besides, she was sure her moment was coming soon. She was going to make a name for herself in the company. She was going to get promoted, she had too. She couldn't keep working a position she hated. What's worse is that she was good at it.

"I don't want to be the one to say it Yara but I think you need to hear it," Jackson said.

She looked over at him,

"You're never going to get higher up if you don't change something."

She crossed her arms and cracked a smile,

"Gee, I thought you wanted me to think I'm pretty. I guess Jinyoung was right."

Jackson moved quickly, snatching her face in his hands. He looked at her very angry, Yara felt bad for a moment that she made him mad. She was just teasing. He glared at her and said,


Yara had been staring at him with wide eyes until he said that, she giggled. She pushed him away,

"You had me scared for a second. I've never seen you so serious before."

"Say it."

"Say what?"

"Say you're beautiful."

Yara rolled her eyes. He still sounded a bit intense but she was sure he was faking it now. He grabbed her hand gently,

"Say you're beautiful or I will smoother you in kisses."

"In public? What would people think?" She teased.

Jackson moved closer to her. Him being so close to her in this kind of context made her a little nervous. He had both hands on the back wall by her head now. Her heart started racing and she could feel her cheeks warm up. Things like this only happened in dramas so why was it happening to her now? Jackson was dipping his head down, leaning his lips towards her all the while staring in her eyes as if daring her to do something about it. She couldn't take it anymore; she pushed him away while crying out,

"Alright, fine, I'm beautiful!"

Jackson smiled and booped her nose,

"Don't you forget it."

She glared at him for making such an awkward situation and it seemed like they had only made it about half way down the building before the elevator stopped to pick up more people. She thought that was a bit odd, usually more people were leaving for lunch. She looked at her phone and realized everyone had probably left about half an hour ago for lunch. They may have had stragglers or others were eating lunch in their office like she should've been. It wasn't until the last few floors going down that they were joined by anyone else. They reached the final floor and as they cleared out Yara spotted someone coming in.

It was that rude secretary of Jinyoung's, they were meant for each other honestly. She saw Jackson though and was clearly interested. She bumped into him, "accidentally" on purpose and played the sweet innocent girl.

"You look kind of familiar, have I seen you before?" She asked.

"I'm a dancer. If you follow kpop you may have seen me teaching choreography to some groups." Jackson said.

Yara noticed that Jackson seemed a bit smitten with the secretary which only made her want to throw up. She asked him what he was doing here but Yara didn't want her to know they were friends so she walked off. It wasn't long before Jackson noticed she left, he was running to catch up to her.

"That was mean, why did you leave?" He asked.

"I don't like her."

"Oh, sorry. You're not mad at me are?"

She laughed,

"You're like a puppy Jackson," she rubbed his head like he was a dog, "no I'm not mad at you."

"Listen, what I was trying to tell you in the elevator was that if you don't stop letting that guy walk all over you, he's not going to promote you. He placed you in the wrong job and told you he'd hire someone else to take over, that was four years ago. He probably hasn't moved you because you're so good at it and it's cheaper."

"My work is my pride."

"Even when you hate the position?"

Yara shrugged. It was possible she'd never get her promotion. Jackson was right, Jinyoung probably just decided she was good at the job and so he didn't want to hire anyone else. However, her work ethic didn't place her high enough in his eyes. She was still a minuscule bug within his company, he would never notice her true potential. That thought depressed her a bit.

"Maybe I should just start looking for a new job," she sighed.

They arrived to their destination and were seated. Jackson waited for their waiter to leave before he said,

"You don't need a new job. You'll have to climb the latter again. The best way to make that jerk see your worth is by shoving it in his stupid face."

"You have the vocabulary of a five year old Jackie."

"Maybe so but that doesn't change the facts."

"The only way I can show my worth is by doing my job. But he just sees me as wallpaper, I blend into the background." She said.

Where the hell did that come from

"Hey are you listening to me?" Jackson asked.


The waiter came by and placed their meals in front of them. They came here way too often, the waiter knew their order before they even sat down. Yara wasn't interested in changing the tradition though.

"I said I have a friend I want you to meet tomorrow."



What the hell is this manchild thinking

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