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Advancement in CAD services started with the advancement and invention of newer technologies in software world as well as up gradation better versions of software's. For e.g. Nowadays to make high level of detailed models, AutoCAD has been replaced by revit. You can find advancements in CAD based services in all the streams like mechanical, electrical, architectural, structural, plumbing etc. Another major reason for continuing development of CAD services comes with clashes between the services for eg HVAC duct clashing with electrical lighting fixture during installation and construction. One of them clashes are resolved at the time of creation of 3D models by generating electronic clash reports using revit. Addition 4th and 5th dimensional feature to 3D based models are the most unique advancements in CAD based services. 4th dimension means addition of timeframes towards the 3D models which actually provides time of completing the project. 5th dimension is further addition of overall cost investigation complete project cycle to 4D models.

Advanced CAD services provided inside the different domains like electrical, mechanical, structural and architectural nowadays are as follows:

1. Electrical CAD services:

a. Lighting fixture layouts and models

b. Fire Alarm Layouts

c. Panel Scheduling

d. Public Address layouts

e. Cable routing layouts

f. Single line diagrams and control circuits

2. Mechanical CAD services:

a. Cool product designing

b. Reverse Engineering

c. FEA Analysis and Stimulation

d. Assembly or part drawings

e. Jigs and Fixture detailed drafting

3. CAD services - Structural and Architectural

a. Detailed Construction Drawings (Plan, sectional along with elevation views)

b. Rebar Detailing

c. Fabrication Drawings-steel

d. Shop drawings

e. Construction Documents

f. Architectural services include architectural 3D modeling, rendering, and animations, fly and walk ins.

In this way involve detailing inside the design field had resulted into newer innovations in the CAD based services.

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