There is a stereotype that role-playing games in sex exist only for two categories of people - those who have been in a relationship for a long time and are already tired of each other, and for perverts. In fact, this is not the case.

Find an exciting idea

Try to find what excites you the most. Remember what fantasies you had as a teenager

What stories on adult sites grab your attention in the first place? What places in these plots usually appear (car interior, office, flowering garden, forest glade, country house)? What kinds of girls, hair types and haircuts spark your imagination?

If you don't have your own fantasies, you don't want to turn on your imagination and delve into your own subconscious, then here is a list of the most popular topics for sexual reincarnation:

Animals. Oddly enough, this is so. A sexy kitty and a muscular cheetah ... why not? Sex in animal costumes is more popular than you think!

Little naughty girl or boy (Mizulina won't recognize!)


Police officer (aya) (sex in a police costume is a dream of many)

Teacher / teacher

Nurse (a nurse costume can be found in a sex shop, or you can buy a regular medical gown)


Maniac (do I need to remind you that such a game should only take place by mutual consent? We hope not!)

Next comes the hardest part - talking about your sexual fantasies with your girlfriend. It is especially difficult to admit if you strongly doubt that your partner will appreciate them.

Take courage. The ideal time for sexual revelation is late at night with a glass of wine when both of you are relaxed. In the end, even if your partner gets scared and runs away, you still have dessert and dry red.

Consider: in order for role-playing sex to come out with a twinkle, a sex game script must turn on a girl no less than you.

2. Pick up costumes and props

Storytelling clothing is an important part of the sex game. It is also worth considering suitable accessories. It is these details that create the right mood, help you get aroused and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Don't forget about the visuals of your game ahead of time: what toiletry items, toys, or even fetish elements will go into action? The scenario may take shape already at this stage.

It is not at all necessary to go for serious expenses - for a start, it is enough to get a few basic themed accessories.

Do not forget about makeup and masks with your girlfriend: this is another way to enter the images. Don't be afraid to wear something to play that you would never wear in real life - allow yourself to be someone else at least for a little while.

If you are interested in submission and domination games, everything you need to realize this fantasy can be found in the BDSM section: nipple clamps, handcuffs, masks, whips and paddles, collars, leashes and harnesses, latex clothing and much more.

For more gentle play, you can purchase massage oil, special candles with massage wax, a blindfold, a stack of feathers to tickle each other.

For games with a medical bias, you need steel toys or nerve-tickling electro sex toys!

For the embodiment of anal fantasies, prostate massagers, anal plugs of all stripes, special vibrators and a sea of various lubricants are suitable. It also doesn't hurt to study the rules for safe anal sex once again.

3. Think through the scenario together

When you decide on your fantasies and roles, you will need to think over the scenario of the sex game. It can be quite simple (to begin with), it can be half-thought, or it can be very confusing. It is not necessary to transfer it to paper, but it is definitely worth discussing the plot moves with each other. By the way, discussing the script itself is a very good prelude.

Share forbidden fantasies with each other and bring them to life as a team. If your imagination is not so bright, you can use different sites such as

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