Meet Your Fitness Goals with Personal Training

personal fitness coaching in Amsterdam.

Do you promise to keep working out, but don't you? Or do you often make a fresh start but can't keep it up? If answers to more than four questions are Yes. And you want to become fit and achieve your goals in 12 weeks, here is a guide.

Personal Training in Amsterdam

Personal trainers are no longer reserved for VIPs. Here's what you need to know to find one that suits you!

Find the right personal fitness coaching in Amsterdam

The first fundamental step is to look around to choose the personal trainers that are potentially right for you. An online search can be a daunting adventure, so it's easier to talk to friends and family who have already done so and meet their trainers directly.

Just inquire about their qualifications. This way you can be sure that they have the expertise to create safe and effective training programs. Ask how long they have been in this business and what diplomas they have.

personal trainer

What's your experience working with people like me? (specify your goal)

What results have you achieved with your customers? How long does it take? 

Can I talk to one of your clients? (A good trainer shouldn't have a problem giving you references)

How would you describe your style? (Some trainers are gentle and encouraging, while others are a bit more aggressive)

What are your rates? 

Do you offer small-group sessions or other services?

If possible, see how the trainer works with another client. It takes almost no time to see if the trainer spends enough time with the client. Long story short, it is essential that there is a good relationship between you.

Focus on specific goals

Before the start of your first training session, discuss your goals with your trainer so that he can create the right program to achieve them.

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Develop a strong relationship 

During the first few sessions, pay attention to how you and your trainer are aligned. Do you understand what the trainer tells you to do? Can you communicate effectively? Does the feedback motivate you, or does it only frustrate you?

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A good trainer gives you everything you need to make training a permanent part of your lifestyle.

How to get the most out of your training in Amsterdam

personal training

Be on time

Follow the stopwatch 

Eat well

Don't cheat

Sleep well

Be honest

Commit to the full 100%

Personal training in Amsterdam with your goals

Personal training is like an investment made in oneself and it can go a long way!

your goals help women to get fitter & stronger. A better version of themselves. Mentally and physically. All classes are outside. Being outside helps relieve stress and get fresh air in. Most training combines strength & conditioning with self-defense or boxing. The best way to feel stronger and get more self-esteem. We believe in lifestyle changes and no crash diet, fast result solutions. We want to help women with a change in their lives. So they can live their life to the fullest. Important pillars: exercise, prioritize yourself, sleep, healthy food, planning & fun.
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