My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.2 (+18)

Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung

What: Romance ( might have smut)

Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice.

Yara typed furiously on her keyboard. She sorted out files and found errors in financial planning that she was going to bring up to Jinyoung. This was happening too frequently, it was only a few hundred dollars being unaccounted for. Someone wasn't paying attention to their calculations. Yeoseop was in the financial department, and Eunjin was part of the project management team. Between those two, one or the other had either mis-calculated or lied about expenses. Everything else had been updated, there was a new product that Jinyoung was looking to unveil in Seoul before making it available to the world. He had kept it only between the highest members of the board and the reason Yara knew about it was because she was keeping track of expenses coming from steel companies like POSCO.

She wanted desperately to be on this project, she had already done plenty of research on what effective marketing techniques they could use to sell the product and she created a presentation. She shook her head; what was she thinking, there was no way Jinyoung would listen to her. She was finishing up the last few papers but the building was already starting to close down. Jinyoung saw Yara's office light still on; he headed to her door to turn it off. He flicked the light prompting her to say,


Jinyoung flipped the light switch on and saw her sitting there annoyed. She should've know it was him.

"What are you still doing here? Office hours are up."

Yara tapped the papers on her desk to straighten them.

"I was just finishing this up," she said.

"I'm not paying over time. You should go home."

"Do you want these papers on your desk are not?"

There was impatience in her voice. She was far too tired and far too irritated to deal with him. Jinyoung stepped inside to see the papers she had laid back on her desk.

"So you got them done."

"I just finished them but I had to push back other assignments. I'll take care of them over the weekend."

She stood up.

"Maybe if you didn't go out on lunch dates you could finish the work I give you."

She bit her tongue, literally bit it, by accident trying to keep herself from being rude. She wanted to tell him if he hired a competent secretary instead of some bitchy whore that would sit on his lap and look pretty then he might notice that someone was stealing from his company. Instead; she breathed and gathered her bag and shut down her computer.

"Perhaps you're right Mr.Park," she said.

She stepped past him turning off the light behind her as a nice "and fuck you too" to him. Jinyoung was unfazed though. He walked behind her and stood waiting for the elevator with her in silence. The doors opened and he stepped inside but she didn't move. He the doors started to close and he put his hand on one side to stop them.

"Hurry up," he said irritated.

"You go, I'll take the next one."

"Just get in. It's not like I have any desire to touch you."

She clenched her jaw and gave a bit of a smile, between tightened teeth she said,


She quickly stepped inside and made her way to the furthest corner from him. She was more afraid she'd strangle his annoying ass. It was silent, the air was cold in the elevator and they were probably the only ones left in the building aside from a security guard that was doing his rounds on the ground floor. Only the faint sound of two people breathing in a steel box could be heard and it was perhaps the most awkward elevator ride of her life. She actually wished that his secretary was on the ride down.

Yara's phone rang and she quickly answered it.

"Yah! YARA!" Jackson screamed.

"Ow, damn it Jackson lower your voice."

"Are you still at work?"

"I'm leaving right now, don't worry."

"Of course I'm going to worry. A beautiful girl like you walking alone at night, the things that could happen!"

"Oh yeah, if you're so worried then why aren't you here to pick me up?"


Ifshe did that more perhaps she'd been worth looking at more,

"Anyway I thought you're only supposed to do one daily dose of love and affection, what's with the extra today? Are you going somewhere soon?" She asked.

"Yes but that's not important because it's not a long trip. I just wanted to make sure you didn't exhaust yourself. I know you like to pretend you're okay."

She sighed with a soft smile. Yara liked that Jackson cared so much. Yunmi and Seoyeon did too but they had their own lives, Jackson had his too, she didn't want to disrupt them with her lack of motivation. The elevator stopped and they walked out, side by side headed for the door. Jinyoung waved goodbye to the security guard that was saying goodnight and Yara gave him a kind smile before continuing her conversation.

"I'm fine Jackie. Nothing a little sleep and morning coffee can't fix."


"Look I'll see you tomorrow okay. I'm gonna go I need to hail a cab."

"Okay fine but text me when you're home so I know you're safe."

"Okay guard puppy."

Yara hung up and stood on the edge of the sidewalk. She just realized she might've had better luck calling an Uber. It didn't matter now, she just needed to get home.

"Your weekends are your own but if you're going to take work home with you I suggest you actually do it. Maybe then you'll be more available to work during office ours," Jinyoung said.

Why did it seem like he was just saying stuff to be mean to her? She wanted to ask him if he hated her but it's not like hearing the answer would change anything. Although, he was getting on her nerves, no one asked for his opinnion.

"Goodnight Mr.Park," She bit with a sarcastic smile.

He stared at her almost as if he detested her. He walked up to her and reached out for her cheek, pinching a small bit between his thumb and pointer. He stared at it hard as if he didn't know what a cheek was and Yara felt immensely uncomfortable. He let her go and made a look like he was disappointed in not finding what he was looking for. Jinyoung wanted to understand why that guy seemed to be territorial over her, she was so plain aside from that smile and the soft giggle she had. That was a rather cute quality; he knew she was smart but what else was she supposed to offer? She had no sex appeal or if she did, she hid it behind clothes that didn't complement her well. He was bored now, he just wanted to go home.

"You're good at what you do Yara. I hope you don't become useless," he said while walking away.

She wasn't sure if that was a full compliment or not. Whatever just happened it was weird to her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the card Jackson gave her at lunch,

"She's a stylist at the company. Tomorrow is her day off I asked her if she wouldn't mind helping you enhance your style," Jackson had told her.

"What will changing my style do?"

"It'll make him see you. That's the first step and once he sees you all cleaned up and stylish we'll move to step two."

"Which is?"

"Making him hear you."

Yara smiled at the idea that Jinyoung would actually listen to what she had to say and stop treating her like a disdainful rat that he only kept around because it ate up the other vermin.

"Alright Jackson, I'm going to trust you on this one," she said to herself.

Saturday came with beautiful weather, bodies were every where searching the city for fun, endless traffic with cars full of people headed to work, headed home or headed to the outlet areas. Yunmi, Yara and Seoyeon went to the gym in the morning, Yara stayed mostly on the treadmill while the girls moved between squats, wall sitting and lifting weights. Listening to music and thinking about what Jackson's friend was going to do was giving Yara a little bit of anxiety. She was partly scared but also excited about this change. Not many things had ever changed in her life, she was adopted and had two foster sisters and a foster brother all of which still lived in the area and kept in touch with her. They all had matured and went on with their lives making the best career choices they could.

It took Yara at least three years into college to finally work up the nerve to get an apartment and she was able to find one she could afford that wasn't too far away from her foster parents. Sunday's were always days with the family. Despite very little changing in her life, she wasn't resistant to it, she just didn't do it often. She wondered what her mother would think of her new look. Hell, she was hoping she'd like her new look. His friend was a professional so she didn't imagine that she'd look worse than she already was now.

By the time she met up with Jackson and his friend, all the nerves she had worked out during her exercise had come right back. Jackson settled most of her fears just by being himself.

"This is Eun Young, she's going shopping with us and she'll help you find stuff," Jackson said.

Eun Young shook her hand with a smile and told Yara to follow her. They went into a clothing store and Yara followed Eun young around while she asked her about her style. She showed her skirts, dresses and jeans. Yara liked the overalls she picked out for her. They had shorts and were all black. She told her it would look good with a causal shirt she picked up with a superman screenprint on it. It was just his eyes and it was actually in the man's section but Yara liked it as a complete outfit. Eun Young had her try it on and walk out of the dressing room to show Jackson. She fixed her hair in a messy bun and gave her a chocker necklace with personality glasses.

Jackson gawked at her saying she didn't look like the same person and it was crazy how such a simple change in her style made her look so good.

"What do you think about it Yara?" Jackson asked.

"I like it, it's cute."

"Oh wait let me just make one change," Eun Young came over and unclipped one side of the overall to reveal the shirt a little more, "There do you still like it."

Yara giggled,

"I feel like I'm in a style magazine."

Eun Young smiled and pinched her cheek lightly. She then gave her a whole pile of clothes to try on. Yara basically put on a fashion show for the two of them but it was honestly the most fun she'd had in such a long time. Jackson acted as her hypeman which at times got her more attention from other customers than she wanted. A few times she blushed when two different guys noticed her and gave her the kind of smile that suggested they might've asked her out if one wasn't with his girlfriend already and the other hadn't seen Jackson coming over to grab her face. They guy probably got the wrong idea but she didn't mind that Jackson's actions sent him away, she wasn't looking to date at the moment. She collected the outfits and the accessories that she liked and could afford but as they were leaving she said,

"There's only one problem you guys, I can't wear any of these to work."

"That's why we're going to take you somewhere else. Somewhere special," Eun Young said

She held Yara by the shoulders, pressing her cheek to her with the brightest smile ever and that made Yara feel nervous again. Jackson and Eun Young led her back to Eun Young's studio and to a wardrobe room. She flicked on the lights and showed her the dazzling room that had racks of clothes. Yara looked at it in awe and a smile grew on her face. Her fingers danced over the fabric of the suits as she examined them. Some of them were among outfits worn by idols. She couldn't believe she was so close to such expensive clothing. She was by no means a cheap person but she also didn't spend money at the drop of a hat. She probably had enough money to by a new Gucci suit but only if it was late season and not popular at all. One of those simple suits people only got because of the name brand. These were nothing compared to that.

"Why are we here?" Yara asked looking at Eun Young.

"These are outfits that idols are going to be recycling. We usually send them out to shops that resell used name brand clothes. You can find what you like and have them."

"Have them? I can't even buy-"

"You're not buying them silly," Jackson interjected," She's giving them to you. The staff gets a chance to pick what they like as well before they are sent out."

"And I'm letting you use me as your gateway." Eun Young said happily.

Yara breathed with disbelief. Yunmi and Seoyeon wouldn't believe this. She wanted to call them but she also wanted to go through the clothes. She looked through them carefully and cautiously. There was a silky white and black top that she wanted to try on. It seemed to be in her size. There was a black dress with a slit on the side, the length stopped mid calf and the slit was modest. The neckline wasn't deep and the sleeves accented femininity. There were plaid skirts and matching blazers. A beautiful pink rose colored pants suit, a plum blazer and skirt and the most beautiful form fitting khaki color dress. She tried them all on. Jackson only came in when she was dressed and each time he saw her he wore a puppy like look that made him seem lost in another world. He would follow the stare by a compliment with the brighest smile.

"You are the most beautiful creature in the world and I can't believe you've never known it. I never want to hear you say you're not beautiful or I will kill you," Jackson said.

"Way to amp up that aggressive affection from a 9 to an 11 Jackson," She mused.

"I figured adding a little threat will make you believe it more."

She shook her head. She looked at herself in the mirror wearing the form fitted dress. She felt...beautiful. The day wasn't over yet though. Eun Young took her to see a make up artist and convinced her to cut her hair into a bob. She got it died pitch black and the make up artist gave her simple tips on how to make her eyes look brighter. She gave her five minute make up tips if she wanted to have flawless skin but not much of anything else outside of maybe a little eyeliner. She couldn't believe how so little went such a long way. She gave Jackson a huge hug almost on the verge of tears. She was so grateful to him, although she wasn't sure that any of this would get Jinyoung to pay attention to her. She didn't care though, he couldn't say anything to her about being plain anymore. She didn't feel plain; she felt stylish.

"You know what you have to do when you go into work Monday right?" Jackson asked.

"Take care of the backlogged documents?"

Jackson groaned; Yara laughed,

"I'm kidding."

"What do you have to do Yara?"

"Make him see me?"


That was a task easier said than done but she didn't want to let his or Eun Young's generosity go to waste. She was a hard worker and a damn good one too. She had the credentials for the job, she even looked the part now too. If she was going to get higher in the company she was going to have to speak up and make a better name for herself, especially in the eyes of Jinyoung. She was terrified by the thought but in the oddest way she was exhilarated by it as well.

She walked into the building the next morning with her head held high. The building's security guard saw her and walked up to her,

"Oh my, Yara it's you!"

She giggled,

"You like?"

"Yes you look like a different person," he pinched her cheek, "except for that smile. I always love seeing that smile."

"Thank you Jae-sang nim!" She beamed.

He didn't take up the rest of her time and let her get on the elevator. As it went up, it made a few stops, one of them picking up Jinyoung's secretary. She stood next to Yara partly ruining her mood.

"Someone got a new woredrobe," She snipped.

"Just a few new pieces is all."

"Trying to impress the boss?" She turned to face her more, "Just because you cleaned yourself up doesn't mean he'll notice you. You're not his type."

"I can't tell you how lucky I am for that," Yara smiled at her.

There was a man standing in front of them that chuckled and tried to hide it behind a cough. The fact that she was able to show this pampered princess that she really didn't care what she said to her made her feel a little more powerful.

"Just don't go thinking he's going to promote you. All you did was change your clothes, there's still nothing extraordinary about you."

"I'm sorry, who are you?" She asked.

"Don't play dumb."

"No, I know your position but I don't know your name."

"Lee Bohyun."

She said her name with such pride as if she came from some sort of prestigious family. Yara privately admitted she was pretty but she was far more annoying and vindictive for Yara to believe that Jinyoung saw any potential in her other than someone to take home. She couldn't even keep his books straight.

"You know, it's probably not a good thing to piss off someone that monitors payroll. Just for future reference, you never know who in this office you can trust," Yara gave a smart smile to her.

"Are you implying you'd mess up my pay check?"

She stepped up to her like she wanted to fight. Yara smiled bigger right in her face, making eye contact just to show she could prove that she was in no way threatend by Bohyun's existence.

"No I would never do that. I'm a professional I actually do my job instead of sitting on my bosses lap looking like a glorified dick stroker,"

The guy in front of them was really about to lose his breath. The elevator got to their floor and opened up just as she said,

"But don't tempt me."

Yara walked out with a strut so powerful she looked like she owned the building. The man that had been listening in the elevator even checked her out as she walked by. Yara got to her office feeling like she was on top of the world. It felt so damn good putting her in her place. She sat her bags down and took out her papers. She worked for most of the morning in her office trying to find out who exactly she could pinpoint who was stealing from the company. Yeoseop had been out of the office for a few weeks and the money was still being taken away little by little. Eunjin might've been the person that Jinyoung would want to look into. She had requested receipts from Eunjin on the past three projects to see if she could find anything that might indicate that him or someone was taking money out of the project budget.

make him hear you

She straightend her back and held her head a little higher.

"What are you doing looking into Eunjin's projects when you have other assignments to get done?" He said.

He was still looking at his computer, typing quickly, doing his own work.

"I would consider looking into inconsistencies as a part of my job Mr.Park."

"What about the work that you took home, is all of that done?"

"Of course it is."

"Good then you can take care of these as well."

Jinyoung still hadn't looked at her, he tossed files on his desk. It took every ounce of Yara not to cuss. Eunjin went and ran to Jinyoung which only made her think that he really was stealing from the company. She stepped up to the desk and grabbed the files and headed for the door. Jackson's words echoed in her head.

Make him see you then make him hear you

She took her hand away from the doorknob, walked over to Jinyoung's desk and dropped the files back down on his desk. He finally looked up at her but the look he gave her was a look that said he had no idea who she was. Perhaps she looked far more different to him now because it was the first time she looked appealing enough for him to see her. She wasn't blending into the background now and she damn sure wasn't about to do more work that Bohyun was supposed to do.

"I'm not doing that," she said matter of factly.

"Excuse me?"


She stood up and then tossed the other papers on his desk.

"By the way, you may want to look at this."

"What is it?"

"The reason why I was looking into Eunjin's projects. Someone's stealing from the company."

He looked dumbfounded. She left him like that and headed back to her office. She nearly melted in her chair. She was happy she stood up for herself but she was praying it didn’t cost her, her job. Jackson would be so happy to hear what she had done. He was out of the city to help the idols prepare for a performance. When she told him what she said, he was probably going to yell in her ear. She texted Yunmi that she had to talk to her after work, she needed someone to tell her that what she did was right so that she didn't chicken out; she was already feeling scared that she had completely ended her career here.

About an hour and a half later, Jinyoung was at her office door. She looked up to see him after he knocked,

"Is there something you need Mr.Park?" She asked politely.

"It's lunch time."

She checked her watch,

"Oh, it is."

"Let's go."


"I don't like to wait." he said.

He turned and left leaving Yara a little confused. Was Jinyoung taking her to lunch?

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