Data Science Certification - A Quick Guide

Open doors to vast opportunities by becoming a certified Data Scientist. Enhance your skills and knowledge in the radical field of Data Science by opting for the Data Science certification program. Not only will you get hands-on latest technologies and understand their functioning but in addition to that, you will also get to learn about Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and many more.

With the escalation of modern technologies in the early 2000s, the storage of data became a matter of grave concern. But soon we found a way and today we have more than enough space to safely store all the data and information. Soon a new dilemma arouses and that was related to the processing of such a massive amount of data. And that’s when Data science comes to the rescue. If we put forth it in technical terms, then Data science is a concoction of a range of algorithms, tools, and machine learning principles with the aim of figuring out hidden patterns and information in the raw data.

Data Science certification

Careerera’s online certification program will surely take you to new heights and lend you wings for your career in Data Science. The online training program is for bachelors and freshers who are looking to make a low investment in and gain high rewards in Data Science. This Data Science certification course is developed in a way to make sure that not only you learn very important detail of Data Science in the simplest way possible but also that you have apt practical knowledge of the same.  Those who are looking for a future in the industries such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, and BFSI are most welcome to join our online certification course and to make avail of all the facilities we provide for their development and their growth. We provide singular online classrooms with extensive lectures on different topics to make you understand and learn every minute detail in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Apart from all this, you will also be provided a dedicated program manager who will answer all your questions and doubts which are and are not related to the curriculum of the Data Science Certification online course. In case you have any queries from the course module, then our dedicated instructors will help you out via one to one class, or via contact, or via email. All of this is to make sure that your entire certificate cycle runs easily and leaves behind no space for any kind of doubt. Along with all the module learning, you will also be assigned different kinds of projects and assignments to help you in testing and evaluating your own skills in a way that helps you understand your loopholes and then work towards them in a constructive way. In addition to all of this, our instructors will also provide you with feedback and reports and help you in figuring out that which is wrong and assists you in working on it.


The curriculum of our course is designed in a punctilious way so that you are introduced to the topics and new concepts step by step in a way that you can easily learn all the facets of the course such as interconnected Data Science facets such as Python, SQL, Tableau, Machine Learning techniques, Deep learning and neural networks, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Objectives of the Data Science Online Course –

1)   Extensive knowledge about Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms.

2)    In-depth learning of all the tools and techniques that are needed for data transformation.

3)    Exposure to many live projects and also the industrial usage of Data science.

4)    The ability to perform Text Mining and Sentimental analyses on data based on text.

5)    To have a comprehensive understanding of Data Visualization and Optimization techniques.

6)    And exposure to projects which are diverse in nature, covering many different industries.

Pre-requisites of the Course –

Following are certain criteria you need to keep a check on before you enroll for the Career Era’s Data Science Online Certification Course –

1)    A Bachelor’s degree or its global equivalent.

2)    Basic understanding of computer and their applications,

3)    A basic understanding of Data Science. (Not Mandatory)

Because this a course even for the beginners, therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about anything.

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