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DescriptionA fitness trainer is a person who has attained a certification which shows that they have reached a certain level of competence for developing and delivering effective and safe exercise programs for people with cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, and orthopedic problems as well as those with health restrictions. A fitness trainer may be employed by health clubs, schools, or public agencies. Health clubs include those facilities that offer exercise classes and sports-based activities for all ages, from kids to senior citizens. Schools include the institutions that operate junior and community colleges as well as universities that offer undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees in fitness therapy and health sciences. Public agencies include correctional institutions, nursing homes, doctors' offices, hospices and rehabilitation centers, weight loss centers, and parks.

Training ExperienceThe number of hours worked is one of the most important factors that prospective employers prefer to see. Most fitness trainers work eight to twelve hour shifts, but some employers prefer to hire fitness trainers who work fewer hours and whose assignments are more varied. In terms of hours, fitness trainers who work for larger health clubs will generally be hired for more hours.

Training Experience AND Specific Training SessionsFor every job, there are specific duties that need to be performed. As a personal trainer, one's role and responsibilities will be determined by the clientele. For example, if the clientele is made up of elderly people or pregnant women, they will require strength training equipment as well as special exercises for these people. On the other hand, if the clientele were middle-aged men, they would require strength training in all their body areas. Therefore, if you are looking for work as a fitness trainer, make sure you have the required experience and knowledge base to ensure success. If possible, find out if your employer already has a program for hiring personal trainers.

Specific Exercises AND Strength Training requisitesDedually, it is important to perform exercises that target the problem areas of clients, so that you will have more clients. For instance, if most clients are overweight, most fitness trainers typically recommend resistance training and some aerobic exercises. Some employers also require fitness trainers to perform muscle-testing exercises to help clients recognize weak and tight areas.

Obtaining Your Certified Fitness Trainer CertificationYou can pursue a career as a fitness trainer through education, hands-on experience, or by obtaining your Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification. In the United States, CPT certification is also known as Registered Fitness Trainer (RBT). This is the certificate that shows you have completed a one-year program at a vocational-technical school that emphasizes courses in nutrition, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and medical terminology. To be eligible for CPT certification, you must complete a minimum of 200 hours of training in all of the above subjects, pass an exam, and complete a clinical internship in which you demonstrate your specific knowledge in a health care setting.

Fitness Trainers And Other Life Coaches Vs Fitness Trainers / Personal Trainers / Kinesioloyagers/ Pilatesumers: You may be wondering what the difference between fitness trainers and personal trainers is. The primary difference is in the areas of supervision. Fitness trainers are overseen by health care providers, while personal trainers are self-directed. Both are professionally trained and certified in the fitness field, but fitness trainers typically go on to hold more managerial and administrative jobs than personal trainers. Personal trainers typically only oversee a specific area of fitness, while trainers are responsible for providing their own supervision, instruction, and feedback to clients.

Fitness trainers typically have a wide range of fitness-related job opportunities, including general fitness instructors, life coaches, studio managers, athletic trainers, nutrition specialists, and public safety workers. Some personal trainers work exclusively with athletes or just with corporate clients. Whether you work in the fitness industry or not, if you enjoy helping others get healthy, you can be a qualified Fitness Trainer.

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