New Bundles in Rocket League Item Shop

In Rocket League, there's a brand-new way to acquire items for your inventory! New item packs are available in the Item Shop's "Bundles" tab as of today. These new packages will include products with a common theme which will save you money as opposed to buying each item separately. For a limited time, the three packages will be available to browse and buy. The three bundles that are currently available are as follows: Takumi will be included in the Street Heat package for the first time since Rocket League's free-to-play launch! Note that items bought from the Item Shop cannot be sold to other players and cannot be traded in. Check out these three new packages right now, and keep an eye out for more in the future.

Rocket League Credits


Yamane Wheels

Distortion Decal (Takumi)

Anubis Decal (Takumi)

Vector Decal (Takumi)

AUDACIOUS MOVES — 1000 Credits

Centio V17

Equalizer Wheels

Discotheque Trail

Synthwave Boost

PLAYING WITH FIRE — 3000 Credits


Fire God Decal (Universal)

Pyrrhos Wheels

Pixel Fire Boost

Blazer Trail

Hellfire Goal Explosion

Rocket League items

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