10 Effective Basketball Warm Up Drills TO Enhance Performance

Warm-up is very essential for every type of game especially for a game like Basketball in which you have quick and sharp movement. It prepares your body for the game and protects you or reduces the chances of injury.

Basketball warming up drills


Pass and Move

Tight Cone Warm-Up

Multi-Purpose Ball Handling, Passing, Cutting, and Finishing

Partner Pass and Pivot

Two Spots Jogging and Shooting

Separation Dribble - Down and Backs

Cat & Mouse Drill For Ball Handling & Defense

Cone - Groove Finishing Drill

5-5-5 Shooting

Let's Discuss one by one

Dribbling - Three Step Dribble Progression

Here are the important points to be remembered during the dribbling.

Smash the ball as hard as you can. It will help to improve your hand exercise and speed.

Your Eyes should be Up

Snap the basketball quickly

Move fast to make opponent mistake

Offensive Passing

The important points to consider while Offensive Passing or Pass and cuts are

Your cut must be hard

Your eyes should be at the ball while cutting

Also, keep eye on the cutter

Banana cuts don't work here you can try crisps cuts

Tight Cone Warm-Up

The best tip for the Tight cone warm-up are

Drop your chest and Hips

Do the sharp and quick changes

Always try to move in the straight line towards the basket.

Multi-Purpose Ball Handling

These are the main point for Multi-purpose ball handling

Improve essential ball dealing with abilities, for example, the backup spill and spill moves to beat your opponent like the hybrid, between the legs, behind-the-back, back to front spill, and spill combos.

Hoist your passing and cutting abilities in game-like circumstances.

Shines your completing abilities.

Partner Pass & Pivot

These are the main progression about the partner pass and pivot

Front pivot

Inside pivot

Front pivot, step-through

Drop step, inside pivot

Combine other pivots.

Vary the passes

Two Spots Jogging and Shooting

In this drill, you set up two points where you want to shoot the ball at both sides of the court.

This is a two-player drill in which one player quickly rebound on his shoot.

Separation Dribble

There are two moves or step in this drill.

Step Back Crossover

Here is the key point of this crossover

Step back with top leg quickly

Stay low and compact

Push ball out

Escape Dribble

The main point of this dribble is

Use two dribbles to create separation

Explode backward

Attack defender's hip

Eyes up

Cat & Mouse Drill

This is one of the best drills to enhance your dribbling skill.

It is highly recommended that you must warp-up before this dribble so that you can perform it at full speed.

Dribbling with two basketball needs real practice.

Groove Finishing Drill (Cone )

These are the important drilling instruction for the Groove finishing Drill. This drill also famous with the name of Cone drill coz you have used cone in the practice of this drill.

Just line up a cone at 12feet, 22feet, and 22feet from the basket. In this drill, every player has the ball. 1st basketball player dribbles the ball with the right hand and shoot at the first position. When the 1st player has reached the first cone the other player does the same process.

5-5-5 Shooting

This drill has started by the great Coach Kelbick. This drill is used to develop a quick release and you are enabled to enhance your shooting range.

This is the famous things about the drill

This is one of the smooth and nice drills

Close to the chair as much as you can

Feet set on pass

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