Get in shape for the summer with a standup paddleboard

Last summers big hit was standup paddleboard - and from the look of it - this smash hit will likely continue here in 2021. Many of the popular brands are already completely sold out and impossible to get at the moment. Luckily for us beginners there are still many of the less known brands you can still get, and as a beginner it will be hard to notice the difference.

I started out myself in may 2020 with a Uhrdal supboard and have many hours of fun with it. It's not only pure fun it's also a great form for workout which is much easier on the body compared to running or soccer.

Choosing the standup supboards

Is paddleboard only for young people?

I often hear people saying - but isn't standup supboards only for the young people or the kids? If you go the beach during the summer you will most likely see more kids on the paddleboards than grown ups. But if you go to a lake or a river you will likely see more older people on the sup boards. A paddleboard is a great plaything to have with you to the beach, epsecially the kids will really love it here. But if you are a bit old you will quickly love the relaxing way you can paddle down a river while exploring the view from a whole new angel. I have seen paddleboards at all ages, and I do mean all ages. from 5 years old to 80 year old. So paddleboarding are something you can do at almost any age.

Is it expensive to get started with standup paddleboards?

No not really - or at least not if you don't necessarily want's the best. For beginners getting a cheaper 10'6 board is often a better solution than getting a 12' touring board. It's easy to keep the balance on and can be used more places. A good 10'6 board is around 250-300$ with a paddle. You will also need a lifewest, even if you are a good swimming it's already a good idea to wear a lifewest when you are out on the water. You can get a quality lifewest for less than 50$. And that's it - it's more or less everything you need to get started on standup paddleboarding.

Next step would then be to get a good wetsuit so you can use the board on the colder days too, but I would wait with this until you are a sure that it's a sport for you.

Is paddleboarding still a hot trend in 2021?

Is paddleboarding a good type of workout?

That's another great thing about paddleboard - it's like running - you decide how hard it should be. You can do a relaxing cruise trip down the river and burn a little more calories than you would walking, or you can paddle up steam or go a little faster and use even more calories than you would if you are running - and trust me - paddleboard are far more fun than running.

Berg trampoline

There will of course be days where it's not fun to use a paddleboard, but I think that goes for almost any kind of sport. There are plenty of days too where I don't find the weather good enough to go for a run or do some trampoline training. Those days are often better spend doing some muscle training down at the gym.

That was a little info about stand up supboards - I hope you learned a little more about this sport and hopefully feels like giving it a try once the water get's a little warmer. Even if it looks hard or boring - I think you should at least try it if you can - borrow a friends board, or ask some kids on the beach if you can try their board for a few minutes. I think you will be surprised how much fun it is.

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