Top 10 Inventory Management Software For Small Businesses in 2021

Best Inventory management software

Top 10 Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses in 2021

inFlow Inventory

An ideal balance of a basic, instinctive interface and universal support services, inFlow is an inventory management solution built to support item-based companies to be able to track produce, handle orders, make invoices, curate reports, and manage other trade and transaction operations. Companies of all sizes, large, medium as well as small prefer inFlow to use data analysis for educated decision-making. Well-organized and time-conscious, the software hosts product lists, monitors the transit position of stocks, and arranges the inventory with the help of DYMO printer produced barcodes. These barcodes also help in product identification and order delivery.


Sellbrite provides businesses with total control of their inventory and eliminates overselling of products.  Sellbrite is one of the most organized business inventory solutions. This intelligible platform offers enterprise-level inventory management capabilities and enables businesses in creating a balance amongst stock, sales, and purchase orders. Whether the business contracts include hundreds and thousands of items, Sellbrite offers central inventory management from one, easy-to-use interface. The software helps its users view and manage earmarked, on-hand stock levels and accessible products effortlessly. Sellbrite also enables businesses to manage their FBA quantities across all other channels through its automatic inventory adjustment functionalities.

Zoho Inventory

Business growth over numerous channels is likely only by assimilating progressive inventory management software. Zoho Inventory is one of the finest inventory management software that modernizes business operations, allowing to efficiently manage inventory, acquisition order, sales order, and deliveries. This GST-ready inventory management software keeps business GSTIN and auto-populates itself as soon as there is a procurement, sales, or billing. Zoho Inventory is a comprehensive, AI-powered inventory management system with capabilities that can be modified to suit every business.


With a fresh user-interface and striking features, TradeGecko is one of the finest business inventory software out there. This prevailing multi-purpose inventory management solution has been created to encourage high-growth ecommerce and multichannel brands. TradeGecko is a cloud-based inventory management software that works well for small to medium scale companies that fall short of resources but aim to grow in the business sector. Whether the user is a distributor, a trader, or a retailer, this in-class inventory management software enhances and guarantees efficient operation of the business.

Stitch Labs

Whenever a business uses conservative inventory management software, it might lack progressive features and limit access. A multi-channel inventory software such as Stitch Labs is not only a rescuer but also manages a lot of business epidemics with its incorporated progressive features. Over purchasing, less-inventory, late distributions, maintaining several warehouses, inventory accounting, and cost administration are some of the common glitches faced by businesses. Stitch Labs is one of the progressive inventory and order management software that aids commercial business by consolidating inventory and governing sales, purchase, and orders.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is a comprehensive inventory management software and is the only retail POS that allows smooth running of the business, enhancing stock, and managing sales. Since its beginning, Lightspeed grew exponentially due to its user-friendly design and progressive features. This faultless business inventory software is labeled as a comprehensive retail management solution and a smart, accessible technology that levels up the business. The software helps in transporting stock, accessing point of sales, stock, and flourish, and selling through any device.


Megaventory is a cloud-based inventory management software created for medium-sized companies, comprising retail, wholesale, or manufacturing businesses, franchises, and nonprofit organizations. It allows businesses to manage sales and purchase orders, sales estimates, backorders, drop shipping, shipment, partials, returns, and inventory with sequential numbers and barcodes—all with competencies for multiple users. The inventory management solution emphasizes providing inventory at many locations, keeping check of the stock level, checking supplier accessibility, and ensuring an on-time return of inventory. The manufacturing of physical goods alternatively works in segmental steps that allow to understand and connect operations from one end of the supply chain to the other, while observing costs through the process.


Orderhive is a cloud-based inventory management solution that deals in the whole thing, right from order fulfillment and ecommerce mechanization to management of product movement. This particular platform solution is a response to all questions about making cleverer business decisions. Orderhive is a contemporary technology that deals in instantaneous inventory harmonization, ecommerce automation, and basic purchase management and delivers quick analytical reports.


inventory management software


ShipMonk inventory management software helps in merging orders, inventory, and warehouse management into a single, clean, and effortlessly digestible interface. Every part of ShipMonk’s software was created with growth as a primary objective, so that small to medium-sized ecommerce companies can truly take their companies to the next level with dependable, user-friendly technology. In addition to offering ecommerce companies, ShipMonk also supplies to crowdfunding campaigns and subscription boxes, meaning that wholesalers can smoothly expand into other business ventures without skipping a beat.

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