This review differs from the rest and carries byby itself in general love for Zack Snyder, much more person made my today, week, month, year, I am not sure, he just made it happen, and, almost certainly, your mood, generating rejoice just as if I were youngsters, but we are going to also discuss the film itself.

Zach Snyder managed to. He met all expectations. He justified many of the costs. He lived approximately the waiting time. After watching, and general when, you really feel the way a person loves this craft. You observe how competently he harmonizes with the content, how well he processes it. What Joss Whedon did with Warner Bros., I remind you - they killed the film completely, so that it is something that hurts, it wouldn't get from your head, but thanks to Zack it usually is smoothed out by enjoying his four-hour version that could truly be believed in a miracle. What magic? What if Zach Snyder was the curator of your DC studio, we have a cohesive universe that can make an appealing competition between Marvel and DC.

He gave a fantastic Superman story with Man of Steel. He gave an awesome story regarding the confrontation between the 2 main greatest superheroes, filming “Batman v Superman” (this feeling did not come immediately, only after a while I remarked that it is a solid movie that has many good things, from which We are delighted). And after this he gave us an awesome story of your formation with the Justice League. And most of these films have the one thing in common - vision. And this also vision is definitely impressive. Perhaps Zach, for a director, has some flaws, someone will say “lots of biblical references”, “too gloomy”, “protracted timing” and many more reasons, and they all have a right to exist, but is not for me. Yet again, time has decreed that everything Zack has done for this universe could be the best.

While filming Justice League in 2017, Zach has grief. The daughter commits suicide. And in order to to not go somewhere wrong is to work. Anf the husband was immersed in filming LS, yet this loss is packed with incredible pain, so he left his job to spend more time with his family. And in a sense, together with daughter, he lost the film, where he put his love brilliant skills. Just some years later, Zak returns to duty. And not simply returning, but declaring himself knowning that his version of the drug is going to be a terrific event.

I'll say the next concerning the film itself: the film differs from one that premiered in 2017. It seems apparent that the plot is similar, what is usually new, excluding a taut grafon? But Zach reworked the content thoroughly. He threw out everything which was bad, which 's all practically, and did his job how he knows how: with feeling, with sense, with consistency and, as was said before you start, with love. This is a holistic movie that you believe throughout all hours. You will see a lot of the latest and expanded scenes that are great for well into the actual storyline. You will observe the backstories of a number of the characters that will make you look at these questions new way. You will notice that Zack has nothing about the absurdity which was in this version, when he shows motive and logic to other areas of his version.

Zach did an enormous job and went the difficult way. His strength, will and spirit may be envied. And I'm extremely glad he did it. I am not sure if there is a continuation and if he wants to continue it himself, but if the respond to both questions is “yes”, then undoubtedly I most certainly will lose time waiting for his story. I'd like to wish him best wishes and thank him for everyone his efforts, trepidation, love.

And also the cherry above is definitely the Zach Snyder's Justice League credits song, which have also been in the trailer, and not about him, Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah. The reason behind choosing this song was the emotional reference to his daughter, as Zach himself said - "This is a very personal song for that family." And it is inspiring. It is both sad and joyful as well to complete the story plot, your story and partly, or not even partly, dedicate it to her. It's powerful.

How I respect Zach Snyder.

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