What Difference Will OSSD Courses Bring to Your Child?

When you’re moving from another country to Ontario and your child needs to continue and finish their secondary schooling, you may want to enrol them in a school where they can obtain their OSSD. OOSD stands for Ontario Secondary School Diploma and it will help your child pursue their college education at a reputable university in North America. The diploma is provided to students who graduated from secondary school in the province of Ontario and part of a publicly-funded school system. Students who complete the province’s high school education curriculum are qualified to receive it.

Essential for attending college or university

OSSD courses can help your child complete their high school studies in case they were unable to finish it heir respective country. The diploma will make them qualified to study in any prestigious university in Canada or America. In general, students must complete 30 credits in subjects like English, science, and math, as well as French as a second language and Canadian history. Their literacy test must also be completed with at least a 75 percent mark, which is the passing score.

There are schools that are ready to assist international students in completing their OSSD in Canada and further aid them through the admissions process to any international or local university of their choice. Besides helping your child achieve academic excellence, the school will teach them practical skills, which may be essential to your child’s success in university, in their chosen career, and in their life.

A good OSSD high school offers an independent learning environment for its students where you child can focus on building their social, life, and organizational skills, as well as self-discipline, self-confidence, and time management. Community involvement is part of the OSSD program in Canada, and students must complete 10 hours of that every year. Passing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is also a must.


OSSD program in Ontario

OSSD courses are good for 110 hours and your child can take them in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The schedule and start date can be flexible, so your child can save time and energy. Rest assured, your child will be guided by an academic guidance counselor for one-on-one assistance in their OSSD high school study plan.

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