What Are the Things a Roofer Does?

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The basic function of a roofer is to strengthen and inspect a roof and make sure that it is in proper condition. When repairing a roof, a roofer uses heavy equipment such as rollers, scissors, hammers, cable pliers, and industrial strength clamps to tighten and remove roof shingles. Sometimes, a roofer may need to make incisions into the roof to install skylights or windows. Other times, the roofer will use a hammer to nail through the damaged shingle. Regardless of how the roofer performs his work, the end result is usually the same: a roof that is stronger and more durable than it was before.

Many roofers work on single-ply roofs. The material they use is pressure-treated asphalt. Asphalt is very thick, which makes it ideal for roofers to install because it is one of the strongest materials available. When a roofer installs single-ply roofs, he generally does not require the same tools as those who work on multi-ply roofs. If a single-ply roof has been damaged and cannot be fixed, it often requires only the tools of a roofer instead of the full set of tools that are needed for installation of multi-ply roofs.

In addition to having tools for installing a single-ply roof, a roofer also needs tools for repairing a roof damaged by storms or severe weather. A good roofer can repair or replace shingles and metal flashing damaged by hail or a falling tree. Similarly, a good roofer can install or repair insulation. The job description of a roofer doesn't describe how he disassembles or removers debris to perform his job description.

Roofer jobs often require him to use a powerful air compressor to install or repair roofs. Sometimes a Roofer will need to perform maintenance tasks, such as cleaning out the air tank. Most Roofer jobs require the Roofer to have excellent ventilation in and around the house, because the exhaust fan can produce lots of hot vapor and that can be dangerous if inhaled.

Roofer jobs also require that the Roofer have a knowledge of various materials and their characteristics. Each material has its own unique strength, flexibility, and limitation. To install a single-ply roof, a Roofer must know the extent of the adhesive he will need, for example, and whether the roof will need gravel to fix it or not. Similarly, to install or repair a metal roof, a Roofer must know the right way to attach the metal to the roof or whether he needs stainless steel fasteners.

In addition, a Roofer's scaffolds are crucial in his job. He needs to be able to find the right scaffolds for the task at hand. Sometimes the Roofer has to transport these scaffolds from one site to another, but the more important thing is that he needs to be able to erect these scaffolds himself. In some construction tasks, such as roofing installation or roofing repairs, the Roofer may need help from scaffolds; especially when he's doing a big job that requires him to transfer heavy materials from one area to another.

In addition, Roofer jobs often need him to make trips to warehouses and other storage facilities, where he locates the roofing materials needed for roof projects. Sometimes, the warehouses won't have the exact roofer needed and so he will have to go elsewhere to find them. If he has access to all the roofing materials he needs, he saves time and money. Other times, he will need to make trips back and forth to the warehouse, but having access to all roofing materials in the warehouse makes this job easier for him.

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