SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics GP - Highlights for Consultant<FIELD> In this small article we will not make side-by-side technical specs comp

o Microsoft Dynamics GP strong points. Microsoft, being leader in Operating Systems, Office Products, as well as having such platforms as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server - can take advantage of ERP technology infrastructure, which includes ERP integration: SQL heterogeneous queries, Sharepoint workflows, web portals. At once, long time presence available on the market for such products as Microsoft Outlook gives Microsoft the choice to trust Outlook buyer experience - Microsoft Dynamics products won't require user training (from your interface intuitiveness standpoint) - Microsoft Dynamics CRM has Outlook Client, Microsoft Dynamics GP may have tighter integration with Outlook rolling around in its version 9.0. Making some comments on another Microsoft product - Microsoft Small Business Accounting - it's integrated with MS Outlook, to create invoices and promote outlook contacts for your MS SBA customers.

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o Microsoft Dynamics arguments. At the time when Microsoft Dynamics / Project Green will work to enable Microsoft ERP products to use Microsoft Office technologies SAP is a few years behind within this direction. SAP is now contracting Microsoft to allow SAP mySAP integration with Microsoft Office. Microsoft has this strong argument against SAP Business One - SAP deploys industry Experts who're strong normally ERP/MRP plus probably Business and Industry Vertical Consulting to implement ERP from midsize business, where technology consulting and expertise come first. The result is longer implementation cycle plus complexity with SAP Business One integration with technology innovative and legacy products

o SAP Business One Arguments. Microsoft is wanting capture one to its technical solutions and proprietary technologies. It is enough if we offer you excellent ERP platform that has good integration tools to Microsoft Office plus enables some integration with Windows platform itself - you need to use VB.Net or C#.Net (our commentary - you can have your SAP Business One to communicate with outside world by using these non-Microsoft platforms as IBM Lotus Notes Domino and use Lotus Notes as Document workflow)

o Additional Microsoft Arguments. There are analytics around around the ERP strategic research market who support Microsoft in the opinion that SAP Business One will need technology advances (including developing its Office platform or tighter cooperation with Microsoft Office products) to be current with the ERP market in of 2010...

o Additional Considerations. Of course SAP has additional amazing features, such as language switch - you can switch from German, French or Brazilian Portuguese to US English by pressing Cnrtl key combination. Microsoft Dexterity was made in earlier 1990th and support this kind of nice functionality and Unicode - the question frequently asked through the prospect from China, India and Arabic World.

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