How to optimize energy in commercial buildings?

Modern commercial buildings account for a significant of energy consumption. It is both harmful for the environment and could also prove to be quite expensive in the long run. However proper design techniques adapted in the early stages of construction can have a profound impact on the building’s energy consumption. In the current blog we will be looking at how AEC professionals can implement simple design solutions to optimize energy consumption.


Lightning consumes a lot of energy in the building. The easiest way is to simply switch the light bulbs to more energy-efficient options. A study shows that it could conserve energy and have savings ranging from 25% - 80%. However, it is always not enough. There are variety of other ways in which inhabitants and architects must work together to reduce the energy consumed by lightning systems in the building.

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The above steps are more feasible for new buildings, however when it comes to older buildings it is not completely possible to change the design. However, facility managers and owners should analyze their current equipment and measure their energy consumption and then if required look into replacing their inefficient wiring and lightning systems with newer and more efficient systems. It could be a significant amount of investment in a go but at a later stage it could end up being more cost effective.

HVAC Systems:

After lightning it is the HVAC systems in the building which consume a lot of energy. First and foremost, the building managers can understand the difference a small change in temperature can make in terms of energy consumption. Even a small adjustment of thermostat done over the entire building could end up making a significant difference. For instance, changing the temperature from 66 degrees Fahrenheit to 67 would not make a noticeable difference to the occupant but implemented all summer throughout the facility could build up to a significant energy saving.

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Using Modern Technology:

Architects and designers can also use modern technology to have motion sensors that can based on human presence switch on the lights and automatically switch them off when the room is unoccupied. They could also use lights which adjust according to the available natural light i.e. when the natural light is more the indoor lights automatically dim and similarly when the natural lights reduce they become bright. When it comes to MEP systems, digital control units and sensors can be used to track and monitor the usage of HVAC systems. Similar to motion sensors being used in lightning they can also be used in MEP systems like air conditioning, motion censored taps etc.

To conclude there are a variety of ways in which construction industry professionals can work with owners and facility managers in order to optimize energy in their buildings. This not just benefits the environment but also yields better monetary advantages.

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