Spring Kpop Playlist Giveaway 📢

Hello Kpop Fans! It's Melissa with a special announcement! I am doing a random giveaway for Kpop Community. All you have to do is create a kpop playlist with songs that give you that spring time feel.

Like with every giveaway, there are some rules to follow. Here are some simple rules to qualify for the prize.

-1 Playlist per entry

- You can enter as many times you want.

- Entries only post in Kpop Community

- Be sure to use title Spring Kpop Playlist Giveaway Entry in your post

- Be sure to tag me@MelissaGarza in your entries

- Be sure to post your entries by April 10 by midnight

For this giveaway, I am giving away random kpop albums. How many I'm giving away depends on how many entries we receive. So the more people or entries, the chance to win one increases.

I am looking forward to seeing all your playlists.

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