What do you know about the cancelation policy of Allegiant airlines?

Allegiant airline is one of the prominent airlines that provide incredible services to its passengers. You can manage your booked reservation at this airline and can cancel your booked reservation if needed. The passengers should be first aware of the cancelation policy that will help you out to get the best understanding of the rules.

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The cancelation policy of Allegiant airlines:

• The allegiant airlines passengers can cancel their booked flight ticket within seven days or more before the scheduled flight departure. In this case, the passengers of the airline will get a refund of the flight ticket.

• After the period of 24 hours, the passengers will be charged for canceling the flight ticket. The cancelation fee will be charged based on the fare type and the route of destination.

• As per the cancelation policy, a certain fee may apply to the entire itinerary you have booked in Allegiant Airlines.

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