Methods To Drop Avast Auto-Renewal & Get Renewal Price Back

You can do it yourself immediately with the Digital River order website or utilizing your Avast Account. It assists both Avast's official distributor digital River and also Nexway.

Follow the below-given steps to cancel the avast auto-renewal option and find the amount back when it's been deducted.

3 Ways To Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal

Ways # 1 - Cancel Automatic Renewal using Order Website(Digital River)

In case you have purchased Avast via Digital River you can utilize their order website to cancel the automatic renewal.

Visit the Digital River website and enter your order number also as a password. Both may be located from the initial email you received after your purchase from speech with subject'Avast - OrderVerification (Purchase # you are- ORDER-ID)'. Confirm by clicking find order'.

as soon as you find your order details click on'Manage Subscription'.

On the subscription page locate'AutomaticRenewals' and change it from'On' to'Off'. Confirm by clicking'DisableAutomatic Renewal' web option that can be found on the pop-up message.

Now your automated renewal is terminated and the possible selloff in the automatic Renewals'.

Ways # 2 - Cancel Automatic Renewal with Avast Account (both Digital River along with Nexway).

If you are unable to discover your purchase then away will not work on your own; you could turn the automatic renewal off using Avast Account.

Login or just create Avast Account along with making sure that you're using the same email that you've used while buying Avast.

In the licenses section find the option and click on your licenses'.

In this step, you will understand all of your Avast licenses connected with this email account. Find the one which says'AUTO-RENEWAL LICENSE'and also click 'Cancel Auto-renewal. Verify by clicking on'DeactivateAuto-renewal Subscription'.

Once you have the confirmation your auto-renewal process will be terminated. You will receive a confirmation email with this also.

Ways # 3—Contact Avast Customer Support to Disable Automatic Renewal (both Digital River as well as Nexway).

In case any one of those services above did not work, you could instantly call the Avast Technical Support Telephone number, besides, ask them to cancel your auto-renewal option.

How to Acquire reimbursement for Avast Auto-Renewal Charge

In case you missed out on the possibility to terminate the automatic renewal before the actual cost, you could always request a refund within Thirty Day as soon as you've ever been billed.

Steps for deducted renewal level back

well as fill in the information with the settlement requirement. It is necessary to use the same email you've made use of throughout the initial acquisition. Await that the Avast Customer support comments to verify the settlement.

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