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COVID-19 Impact on Smart Offices in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

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For instance,

· In June 2020, MAPIQ and Wipro companies are forming the partnership for smart workplaces solution offering. Market players are targeting the smart offices solutions as according to their analysis, the new norms will decrease available workspace by 43% in most offices. To offer advanced solution for limited office space and to manage the workforce companies are developing the advanced solution.

Aftermath Strategies for Smart Office Market

smart offices communication

For instance,

· In July 2020, Siemens deployed new smart office app developed by Comfy for their employees at global location, after pandemic situation work places are getting reopened for which company is deploying the app that helps employees connect to their office environment. It will be used by more than 100,000 Siemens employees located at 30 countries.

The customers started to use various available options for the space, technology and other for productivity. The digital transformation started to become prominent solution for the customers which have created major opportunity for the market.

Opportunities for the market in covid-19 situation

There is a positive impact of the COVID-19 disease on market as it has created opportunity to increase their presence in the online services and solution for offices. The implementation of the smart office for has been helping organisations to meet the government law regarding social distancing. Offices are introducing the advanced technology to enhance the office space operations. Market players have ample of opportunities to develop new solution which will help the offices to enhance their productivity and to grow in the market.

Develop New Solution to Manage the Office Digitally

For instance,

· MAPIQ, a market player is offering the advanced solution for the smart office operations such as for making office space safe. The company introduced new software which helps to calculate new office capacity, manage employee’s shifts, and monitor occupancy per flour and others. Through this development, the company is offering solution for businesses to efficiently manage their workforce and workplace.

· In August 2020, HKBN Enterprise Solutions introduced new solution for the smart office disinfection management solution. The company introduced new UV-C based disinfectant products for the sterilization of surfaces, air and objects. Company introduces new UV-C disinfection desk lamp for value of USD 839. Through this company has increased their offering for the smart office solutions.

· In August 2020, according to the article published on the Cyber Media Ltd. face recognition software will be the new solution for smart office access management. The companies can use the face-based biometric attendance system for contactless entry and to maintain social distance.

· In June 2020, Mikomax Sp. z o.o. sp. K a market player has introduce new solution for offices to resume their task at office. Company introduces new back to the office e-book. This new office e-book helps the organizations’ to rearrange the office in a safe way.

Other Growth Strategies Which Offices Are Planning To Pursue In 2020

Market players have strong opportunity to offers efficient solution for the customers as mentioned below.

· Advanced technology for office cleaning and sanitation

· Introduced improved indoor climate monitoring technology


· To manage workplace density and social distancing

· Advanced solution for contact tracing and reservations

Impact on Demand

The importance of smart office solution is increased in COVID-19 situation as demand for the advanced technology having better communication and safety measures is increased. The COVID-19 has created strong opportunity for the market to grow with a significant rate and drive the smart office industry.


The pandemic situation created by COVID-19 has major impact on the smart office market as it has increased the importance of digitalization owing to lockdown initiated by governments. In addition, the potential of smart offices solution to overcome the situation by virtual communication and others are the better solutions which are creating the opportunity to grow.

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