Nicole Scherzinger - Pussycat Abs

Nicole Scherzinger's body is to die for. Her incredibly ripped body comes from years of dancing and weight training. She can be thanked for the new pole dancing exercise studios that have been popping up all over America. I've actually always wanted to try that out... So turn up the Pussycat Dolls, grab a medicine ball (or any heavy object,) and get to work! Video attached for inspiration and a great workout jam^^ "Reverse Chop Works: Core Hold a weighted ball with both hands in front of hips, and stand with feet wider than your shoulders, knees slightly bent. Rotate your shoulders to the left, brining the ball outside left your hip. Twist torso to the right as you raise ball up at diagonal to the right. Return to starting position. Switch sides to complete set."

Pilates, food, and fun.
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