How Fraud Risk Management and Business Valuation Services Can Give Your Organisation a Competitive Edge

Businesses today are operating in a dynamic environment where fraud risks are on a rise, stakeholder expectations are increasing, and organisations are continually failing to meet regulatory compliances. Adding to this are the vulnerabilities of a wide range of risks arising from money laundering, misconduct, bribery, etc. This can actually pose a significant threat to a company’s operational, financial, and brand value.

fraud risk management services

The company offers a broad spectrum of forensic advisory services under one roof. This involves performing an in-depth research, presenting effective business intelligence, and implementing the right response strategies – from reactive to proactive solutions that can help address client’s needs. Some key steps to Grant Thornton’s approach towards fraud risk management are:

· Asset tracing

· Anti-money laundering

· Anti-bribery and corruption services

· End-use fund monitoring

· Corporate intelligence

· International arbitration and dispute advisory

· Forensic digital technology procedures

· Anti-sexual harassment services

· Fraud risk framework enhancement

· IBC compliance

· Whistle-blower assistance

Through investigation, assessment, and assistance – Grant Thornton enables organisations to gain a competitive advantage, providing them with effective fraud risk management services.

business valuation services

· Support throughout the bidding process during acquisition, adding more value at every stage

· Get an independent view of restructuring, M&As and financial structures

· Third-party valuation of investment funds with regular reporting of net asset values

· In-depth valuation to support tax treatments and fiduciary duties

· Share option schemes for directors and employees, with an advice on valuing and structuring them further

In addition to the above, Grant Thornton also provides advisory support for dispute resolution, financial reporting, and valuations that support asset-backed financial decisions. Together, these give a competitive edge to an organisation.

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