Syllabus for Class 9 Physics Blues Busted with the Learnflix Learning App

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 Physics

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected various aspects of normal life, including going to the office and school. As a result, schools have been forced to forego traditional classes and shift to online classes instead. It is at these times, that great improvements are made, with apps like Learnflix, it is a one-stop solution, with answers that cover the entire syllabus, study material, and solutions to all the topics covered. Physics starts emerging as one of the key Science disciplines at this level, and it is in grade-9, that students are able to go on get an exposure thus enabling them to have the opportunity to further explore the fundamental laws and principles of Physics. The Learnflix content aims to develop an in-depth understanding of these fundamentals which are imperative for laying down the foundation of this subject, more so since it's for class 9 students, who in the next year shall be learning about the same topics, though in more depth; also, it makes sure that students get enough material for practice and reinforcement.

Many times, students find themselves in a dilemma to choose between the two options of quality and quantity while preparing to study Physics in class 9. With so many books available in the market with solutions, it does not get any easier, than Learnflix which is an app having and covering it all. Chapter1 covers Motion, whilst Chapter2 is based on Force and Laws of Motion, and then there is Chapter3 touching on the topics of Gravitation, Work and Energy are covered in Chapter4, and then Chapter5 touches on the topic of Sound. Practicing the subject thoroughly also ensures that students do not miss out on any topic and cover the whole syllabus.

Scoring good marks in class 9 math not only boosts student’s confidence but also gives them the motivation to study for class 10, which at this point is like the Launchpad for any student to propelling a lucrative career. Learning should be an enjoyable experience for the students, and they should not fear any subject especially a strain of science like Physics which is essential for our daily lives. Students learn the information more efficiently in an online class because they are absorbing the information without distractions. It is also taking place in a setting that helps elevate stress for the student as they can choose where, when a how they would like to study Physics.

Today’s ever-growing technological advancements make it easier for students to get a better education. Students now have the opportunity to take online classes through apps like Learnflix, which make it a point to give their students nothing but the best and to stay ahead of the curve, by constantly updating the app with changes, if any in the curriculum.

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