ISO 9001 Certification in Philippines

ISO 9001 certification in Philippines

Details about ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the quality standard set up by ISO and is descriptively known as Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 standard states that if any organization is 9001 certified then it means that the product or services offered by the organization comply with international standards. It is one of the most widely used standards, according to ISO data’s almost one million organizations in over 170 countries have been ISO certified. This shows the popularity of this standard which is the primary standard of ISO and one of the most compatible of the lot. ISO 9001 is applicable to any organization irrespective of its size, nature of operations, etc. The recently updated version of this standard was published in the year 2015 hence it is also known as ISO 9001:2015 in some places which is the most standard and sophisticated way of calling name for this standard.

Advantages of getting ISO 9001 certified

The most primary standard that an organization opts for is the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) because it has multiple benefits attached to it.

· The standard certifies quality stamps to organizations which instills a sense of confidence among customers and in turn helps in customer retention and new customer acquisition.

· This standard pushes organizations to enhance the quality of their product and services hence it helps customers as well as organizations to deliver quality.

· Since, the quality delivered by you is top-notch it indirectly establishes better and efficient production or service line within your organization.

· It helps increase the profit of your organization as the organization has better efficient management within an organization.

· Lastly, it is one of the most compatible standards and can be used with any other standards from the lot.

ISO 9001 in Philippines

ISO 9001 in Philippines

The economy of Philippines is rapidly developing with increasing exports of semiconductors, electronics products, garments, transport equipment, fruits, etc. Since the continuous increase in industrialization ISO 9001 can play a major role in further boosting the economy of the country and act as an added advantage for organizations to achieve this feat.

Assistance from Finecert

ISO certification in Philippines

Having said that let me add that International Organization for Standardization only sets standards and is not involved in the process of ending certificates. It is done by external bodies, this is where we come into the picture.

Finecert is a leading global organization with a team of highly-trained consultants that have expertized in getting your organization ISO certified as per your needs. We employ a very cost-effective and transparent approach in dealing with our clients and establish a long-term relationship with them is our goal; integrity in dealing with our clients is of utmost virtue to us. Finecert has many overseas operations in the Middle East, Asia, and many African countries too. We have a presence in Philippines too and wish to help organizations in this country to get ISO certified as per their needs and in a given time.

ISO Certification and consultation.
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