Tips to secure your IOT based development solutions and services

Internet of Things(IoT).

Internet of ThingsAccording to Research

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Secure Connection

People benefit from stable cloud technology in a variety of ways, from encryption to other solutions. Other options are:

Improving the security of your Internet gateway

Before a device boots up, it performs a stable boot, which is a software device check.

Keeping the cloud-based provider’s solutions up to date on a regular basis.

To protect your private browsing data from possible attacks, use a protected VPN link.

Building a Secure Network

Access Control should be activated on your network so that only approved devices can connect. You should take the following steps:

Build a firewall.

Secure your authentication keys.

Install the most up-to-date antivirus software to keep your network safe and secure.

Here are some IoT security solutions for the most common IoT security issues:

Secure the IoT Network

To protect and secure the network linking computers to back-end networks on the internet, use standard endpoint security features such as antivirus, intrusion prevention, and control mechanisms.

Authenticate the IoT Devices

Introduce various user management features for a single IoT device and introduce secure authentication protocols such as two-factor authentication, digital signatures, and biometrics to enable users to authenticate IoT devices.

Use IoT Data Encryption

Encrypt data at rest and in transit from IoT devices and back-end networks using standard cryptographic algorithms and fully encrypted key lifecycle management procedures to enhance overall protection of user data and privacy and avoid IoT data breaches.

Use IoT Security Analytics 

Use IoT Security Analytics Tools that can detect IoT-specific threats and intrusions that standard network security solutions such as firewalls can’t detect.

Use IoT API security methods

Use IoT API Security methods to not only protect the privacy of data flow between IoT devices, back-end systems, and applications using recorded REST-based APIs, but also to ensure that only approved devices, developers, and apps communicate with APIs, as well as to identify possible threats and attacks against specific APIs.

Test and IoT Hardware

To ensure the security of IoT hardware, set up a robust testing process. This involves detailed testing of the range, power, and latency of the IoT system. Chip manufacturers for IoT devices must also improve processors for improved protection and lower power usage without rendering them too costly for consumers or too impractical to use in existing IoT devices, provided that the majority of IoT devices on the market today are inexpensive and disposable with minimal battery power.

Develop Secured IoT Apps

Given the immaturity of current IoT technology, IoT application developers must place an emphasis on the security aspect of their applications by integrating any of the above IoT security technologies. Before creating any IoT applications, developers must do complete research into the security of their applications and try to achieve the best possible compromise between the user interface and the security of their IoT software.

Be Aware of the Most Recent IoT Security Threats and Breach


To ensure the security of the IoT devices and applications, the device makers and app developers must beware of the latest IoT security risk and breaches.  Since the Internet of Things is also a new concept, security flaws are likely to happen. As a result, all IoT device manufacturers and IoT app developers must be prepared for security risks and have a proper exit strategy to secure maximum data in case of a security attack or data breach  Finally, all IoT device manufacturers and IoT app developers must take action to inform their staff and customers about the current IoT risks, breaches, and security solutions.

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