What Type Of Rosary Is Best To Wear?

Prayer beads

prayer beads

Besides prayer beads made from semi-precious gemstones, prayer beads made from precious metals are extensively used in Pakistani and Indian Hindu festivals. Gold and silver prayer beads of this kind are embellished with precious stones and symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed that they bring blessings of nature's bounty to those who wear them. Some notable holy symbols often incorporated in such jewelry are the rays of Buddha, lotus, peacocks, elephants, birds and deer.

In Pakistani and Indian culture, there is a wide variety of jewelry available for both men and women. Most popular jewelry designs include bangles, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings. Muslim and Catholic rosaries are used as daily wear, while others like orthodox and Christian prayer beads are used for specific purposes. Each religion has its own symbol and color associated with it.

In Pakistan and India, you will come across numerous styles and designs of prayer beads. While Catholic beads and Muslim beads came in beautiful designs of golden brown color, there are exquisite designs of jade beads, silver and golden brown mala beads, jasper ones and other semi-precious stones. There are some designs of handmade paper mala beads which are very famous. The paper mala beads are made from rice paper or even silk.

Today, people prefer wearing Buddhist prayer beads to make them look more religious. They can be worn on any occasion, whether it is for religious purposes or even for fashion purposes. In addition, they can also be gifted to others as a gift. Wearing such types of beads is certainly going to make others stand in awe. In fact, they will try their best not to lose their attention.

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