Journey of Elizabeth to Elizabeth Courtesan

It takes a great deal of courage to be a confident and independent woman like Elizabeth! She believes that every woman must work for themselves and feel beautiful about their own selves. This is the journey of Elizabeth, who struggled to set up her own escort service agency in Derby and help other women become self-dependent.

Elizabeth Jane’s journey as an adult worker started in 2011 when she was a passionate, intelligent lady. Today, she is one of the most sought-after companions in and around Manchester, the Midlands, and Cheshire.

Elizabeth Courtesan

Besides being the woman who is never afraid to explore her own desires and dreams, she loves to meet new people and travel the world. She has numerous hobbies and interests and has an excellent sense of humour! Rightly calling herself as being worldly and open-minded, Elizabeth is well-travelled across several nations in The Middle East and Europe.

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She knows the pain of paying hefty sums to the agency for each and every booking made with her. Therefore, she doesn’t want her teammates to go through the same and hence, wants to see interested women work independently and passionately in the adult industry. Moreover, Elizabeth knows that high-end clients desire to talk to the ladies directly instead of to some agent or middle-man!

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Elizabeth Jane is not just well-groomed and well-dressed, she has a shining personality too. One would find it absolutely comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings without being judged. Her easy-going nature is soothing for her clients to have a nice conversation, and her diverse interests will keep it going!

Apart from her strong personality, Elizabeth’s passions lie in aesthetics, art, film, and music. She is in love with vintage and classic styles. Interestingly, she has spent a good number of years as an exotic dancer!

Elizabeth Courtesan

In short, Elizabeth loves to be treated like the goddess and is willing to provide a heavenly experience! She is ready to meet enthusiastic men and women to share some meaningful moments. She hopes to be introducing more such bold and beautiful ladies like her to gratify her clients’ demands.

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