Tips for Managing Your Company Fleet

Managing a fleet of company vehicles properly takes some time to fine-tune. There are multiple factors to consider, ranging from the condition of your vehicles to the attitudes and driving skills of your employees, that directly impact the longevity and safety of your fleet on the road. Here are some tips for keeping your company fleet under control.

Establish a Regular Maintenance Schedule

The condition of a vehicle directly affects everything from its fuel economy to its safety during travel. You probably keep your personal vehicle on a routine maintenance schedule; your company vehicles are no different. All vehicles require regular maintenance to stay safe and efficient.

Whether you do it in-house or outsource the work to a third party, your fleet needs a predetermined schedule for basic maintenance. Change the engine oil regularly, inspect treadwear to replace worn tires before they become dangerous, and monitor fluid levels closely so as to catch any leaky seals before they pose a problem.

Properly Insure Your Fleet

No matter how well you take care of a vehicle, accidents can still happen. A quality auto insurance policy can mitigate the costs of repairs for your vehicles as well as for anyone else involved. This goes double for managing a company fleet. Keeping both your company cars and your employees well covered on the road should be your top priority in managing your fleet.

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Hire Good Drivers

Your company fleet can be in top shape with the best possible coverage and still pose a serious financial risk to your company if your company vehicles are in the hands of bad drivers. Whether hiring employees, you must factor in their driving record and personality before making that decision.

A good driver can make all the difference when facing a dangerous situation on the road. You should require your drivers to not only have valid licenses but also have reliable driving experience, a spotless record, and a regular, verified drug and alcohol screening.

Offer Additional Driver Training

You may also consider additional driver training for your employees. When hiring new employees specifically for driving jobs, you can offer training for potential hires who possess the right character and attitudes but lack experience and training. Driving training can coach new drivers on the different road hazards they may face.

The more prepared you are for managing your fleet, the better off you will be. Likewise, the better prepared your drivers are before hitting the road, the safer they will be. Incorporating driver training can reduce accident rates and avoid legal complications.

Optimize Routes

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Having routes planned out ahead also ensures that your drivers complete their jobs on time. If you are in the transportation business, that translates into goods being delivered on schedule, allowing for reliable tracking measures, which will also help keep your customers satisfied.

Establishing your management plan is only the first step, as the real challenge comes when implementing said plan. There will always be obstacles you did not foresee that push back against you. The key is to remain flexible yet firm to keep your fleet safe, your drivers responsible, and everyone involved protected against the hazards of the road.

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