How to set up the Hotmail account?

Users mostly prefer communicating via emails and for that, you can easily set up the Hotmail account and exchange emails via this account. And if you have no idea about how to make a Hotmail account then you can set up the account with the help of this blog. Tap below to find out how to make a Hotmail account.

Steps to set up the Hotmail account

1. Setting up the Hotmail account is now quite easy with the help of some really easy steps. All you would need is to go to the sign-in page of Hotmail first.

2. Now on the sign-in page, tap on the create account link followed by creating the email address in the right corner.

3. Now tap on the next option followed by entering the first and the last name that is attached to your name.

4. Now move to the next option and then enter the country or the region you belong to.

5. Move ahead and then enter the date of birth-related to your account and proceed ahead.

6. Also you will see a box with the jumbled letters that you have to enter to confirm the account verification.

7. Next make sure to check all the steps and then confirm the account with the help of one a secure password.

setup Hotmail account

Contacting the customer care team

Hotmail support

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