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When the temperature rises this summer after a prolonged period where people have not used their car because of the Coronavirus movement restrictions, the police issued a new warning to the population to keep their tires in checking through the travel awareness of 'safe traffic campaigns.'

In terms of unworthy tires, drivers will be fined DH500 with four traffic points and vehicles confiscated for a week.

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Colonel Mohammad Salem Al Shehhi, director of the Department of External Traffic in the Directorate of Traffic and Patrol in the Central Operation Sector, appealed to the driver to use tires that fit the specifications and ensure the suitability of the tire measurement and temperature. Bear.

He also asked motorists to check the burden tires can uphold and the year of manufacture. Tires must be suitable for long trips in case of many road trips.

He shows the most prominent cause that leads to traffic accidents during the summer, including expiration of tires, less or increased air pressure on tires, excess and often used by covering remotely.

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The police will also send messages and e-mail to government institutions and spread road traffic messages through social media sites.

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Buying authentic tires and knowing how to read the details mentioned on the side wall of the tire is the key to traveling safer.

Respect the wear-wear indicator (TWI) which is marked on the side wall in the form of a triangle logo or tire brand or twi sign. This shows the stage when you need to change the tire. Using tires outside the TWI will endanger safety.

· Change your tire if you see damage like this

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· Tips for keeping your car tires in good condition

· Increase your tires every two weeks because they have a tendency to lose pressure on themselves even when not in use.

· When you check pressure, also check objects embedded in the site, such as stone or glass

· Check uneven wear, which can show problems with car alignment or suspension

· Avoid driving at lower pressure

· Change tires no later than five years, or before if the rest of the tread depth below 1.6mm

· Use only leading branded and certified tires

· Use the correct type and dimensions of the tire for your vehicle

· Tires must be played every 10,000 km or as suggested by vehicle manufacturers, even wear

· Avoid driving above or near dangerous objects

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