10 Reasons to Pick Glass for Your Railings and Staircases


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Different Kinds Of Glass Made Use Of for Railings & Staircases

2. What to Think about When Choosing The Right Glass For Your Home

3. 10 Advantages of Using Glass for Your Railings and also Staircases


Glass barriers and staircases have come to be exceptionally preferred renovation jobs for modern-day house owners.

Using a minimal as well as sophisticated aesthetic, these low-maintenance as well as highly-durable upgrades blend seamlessly into any type of modern house decoration.

While there is a common false impression that glass might be harmful or unsafe for homes, the tempered glass that is utilized is unbelievably solid as well as reliable!

At Stouffville Glass, we pride ourselves on sharing market tips to assist our clients make far better decisions for their residences.

The adhering to short article will identify the various kinds of glass, what to think about, and also the top 10 benefits to selecting glass for your residence railings and also staircases.

The Various Kinds Of Glass Utilized for Railings and Stairs.

When it comes to building layout, glass is one of the most modern-day as well as cutting edge materials on the marketplace.

From staircases and railings to decks, balconies as well as patio areas-- glass develops a bright, open as well as nonstop sight for all citizens (as well as site visitors) to appreciate!

While there are a range of benefits to making use of glass panels, there are additionally a few different alternatives to select from:.

Framed Glass:.

Framed glass barriers include clear, glass panels that are kept in location by a frame, handrails as well as steel articles.

With a combination of high-end and also safety and security, mounted glass can be protected to a selection of surface areas (such as wooden decks and also concrete) making them a popular option for stairs, bordering pool areas and also raised systems.

While mounted glass may not be as smooth as frameless glass, mounted glass barriers are a favored option for parents and also pet-owners as there are no columns to slip via or obtain stuck between.

Frameless Glass:.

Frameless glass barriers include clear, glass panels without the use of any framed boundaries.

While the glass panels are kept in place by messages, base displays and frameless clamp systems-- the lack of any kind of noticeable sustaining frameworks make them an excellent selection for ignoring stunning views with an unblocked sight.

As a result, frameless glass railings have actually become a popular option for porches, decks and also rooftop terraces.

Tempered Glass:.

Tempered glass (additionally described as unbreakable glass or safety glass) is known to be approximately 6 times more powerful than conventional glass alternatives on the market.

Produced with the aid of thermal and chemical treatments; tempered glass provides a much stronger remedy to Canadian property owners as the glass is scratch-proof and also much tougher to break.

In the event of glass damages, however, solidified glass is made to smash into small, candid items to lessen the risk of injury.

Laminated Glass:.

Laminated glass is consisted of a range of various glass layers held together by polyvinyl butyral material (PVB).

As this material has the capability to maintain the glass layers adhered together, any possible damage would break right into a spider-web-like pattern similar to a split on an auto windshield.

In order to supply maximum safety and lasting sturdiness, laminated tempered glass has actually ended up being a really in-demand option for glass railings and stairs.

What to Take Into Consideration When Choosing Glass Types For Your Staircases or Barriers.

With a wide variety of glass choices to pick from, it can occasionally feel a bit overwhelming to choose the very best option for your house.

To aid you make even more confident decisions, here are a few things to consider:.


While industrial glass barriers are typically thicker than their property alternatives, the minimal density for glass barriers or handrails must be at the very least 6 millimeters (or a quarter of an inch).


As the glass panels for stairs as well as railings are made from tempered glass, they are incredibly durable and also safe. With hefty protection and also modern-day aesthetics, these sturdy glass railings make an outstanding choice for residential use.

Personal privacy:.

For property owners that would love to delight in the intense, minimal appeal of glass without compromising individual privacy, there are also a selection of colored, frozen and also coloured glass choices to select from.

Spending plan:.

While safety and security and also looks are necessary aspects to consider, it is additionally crucial to function within a budget that appropriates to you and your household. Do not hesitate to talk with among our expert glass agents to read more about your alternatives.

10 Factors to Pick Glass For Your Barriers and also Stairs.

If you are considering updating your home with a brand new glass railing or glass staircase, there are a lot of superb functions to consider:.

1. Modern Architectural Design:.

Including glass functions to your house is among the most modern-day architectural fads to date. With trendy minimalism and easy elegance, glass barriers can update your house with a contemporary visual.

2. Improved Safety And Security & Durability:.

Making use of strong and trusted toughened up glass, these setups are built to stay long lasting throughout their whole lifetime. With the failure to damage or crack, glass barriers as well as staircases are incredibly risk-free for domestic usage.

3. Easy to Set up:.

Without the need for heavy preparatory job, glass barriers and also staircases are very simple to mount. With a professional glass setup group, the whole process can be completed with top quality and also effectiveness.

4. Easy to Keep:.

Unlike other materials, glass does not rot, warp or degrade. Although outside glass barriers might be exposed to the rough aspects, they will certainly never ever require repainting or refinishing.

5. Rust-Proof Products:.

Glass barriers that make use of high-grade stainless-steel for the clamps as well as cable posts will certainly never corrosion or rust, making them durable and also reliable.

6. Unhampered View:.

With minimal equipment, glass stairs and barriers use a beautiful, open as well as unblocked view to the outdoors. Used internally, this clear building function allows the room to appear bigger, brighter as well as aesthetically enticing.

7. Protection From The Wind:.

Made from a series of glass panels, external glass barriers do an outstanding work of shutting out the wind. This makes them an excellent selection for making terraces as well as outdoor patios much more enjoyable throughout the cooler seasons.

8. Family-Friendly:.

Glass barriers are an outstanding option to the standard pillar railings for families with little kids or animals. With solid glass panelling, there is no danger of sliding through or accidentally obtaining stuck.

9. Rises Home Worth:.

Suppress appeal, safety as well as interior decoration can all play a huge duty in your residential property's total marketing capacity. As this modern-day upgrade is sure to appeal to today's home customers, including a new glass barrier or staircase can really make you money over time.

10. Fully-Customizable:.

From mounted or frameless to frozen or colored, there are a variety of adjustable choices for house owners to pick from. When searching for glass barriers or stairs, make certain to take some time to think about what jobs best for your residential or commercial property, your design and your spending plan.


If you have an interest in finding out more about your glass barrier or stairs options, our professionals are constantly delighted to assist!

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