How To Clean Up Photo In Photoshop

Clean Up Photo in Photoshop

 Clean  Photo In Photoshop With The Background Eraser Tool

The background tool removes the color in the center of the brush, then removes pixels that are the same color that you ‘painted’. It is not difficult to master the tool. I will show you how it works.

 Clean An Image Background, Step 1: Open The Image

Start by taking the photo you want to stand out from the background. I’ll be using the photo below as it easily shows areas from storage to more viable areas. I installed it for free on Unsplash.

Clean Up A Photo Background, Step 2: Select Background Eraser Tool

Shift + EShift + E

Clean The Photo Background, Step 3: Select Effective Limit And Sampling Settings

remove unwanted Background


Clean the Photo Background

Sampling: If you have the chance, the color below the waist of the hair is only taken when you click and the swatch is not taken as you move the comb. The Non-adjacent Edges option removes all pixels that match the spot color you want to remove. It is very convenient, for example, to switch from one strand to another without removing them.

The background removal tool you will probably need to complete the task. But if not, read on.

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