How do I change the AOL password on iPhone

How to change the password of the AOL account on the iPhone?

AOL platform has helped a lot of people to communicate virtually sitting at one common spot, however, sometimes people are unable to log in because they either forgot the password or their account was disabled. No matter what the situation is, you can always fix AOL not working. And to eliminate any sort of password-related issue, you can always fix the password by changing it frequently. Here is how you can change the password.

Steps to change the password of AOL on iPhone

Different types of users make use of several types of devices. And if you happen to use iPhone to log in to the AOL account then the steps to Change the AOL password on iPhone are given below. You can take the reference from below.

1.To change the password, first of all, login to the account and quickly move to the settings section.

2.Under the settings section, tap on the link of change password followed by entering the old password to verify.

3.After the verification you can pick the link of change password and then enter the new password that you want to have and then re-enter the password to confirm.

4.And hence this way you can save the changes and then start logging in with the help of the newly changed password.

Tips to create a strong password

1.If you are changing your password then, first of all, make sure never to repeat any old password that you have used for a long time.

2.Try to keep all the recovery information updated so that in case you ever forget any password, you will be able to log in the account.

3.Also note down the password anywhere so that in case you forget it, you would be able to find it.

4.Also never include the personal details on your phone so that there are no chances of the account getting hacked.

change the AOL password on iPhone.

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