5 Places To get Traditional Japanese Food In London

Japanese Culture has hit the western part of the world like a nuke (no pun intended) in the past few decades. Almost every part of it has mingled with the western countries beautifully. One of the most popular parts of Japanese culture is their cuisine and for good reason.

From Instant ramen to luxurious sushi and beef, Japanese cuisine pretty much includes everything.

In the past few years, many amazing Japanese restaurants have opened up serving different types of Japanese food at different prices. With the surplus of good restaurants and the variety of Japanese food they serve, it can be pretty tedious to find the right place (especially if you’re a foodie like me).

But fear not, I’ve got your back! Here are the Top 5 Places to Get Traditional Japanese Food in London(according to us, of course) -

For those in a hurry -

Dinings SW3





1. Dinings SW3

Dinings SW3 is a Chelsea-based sibling of the original Dinings in Marylebone. It may be a follow-up but everything about this restaurant is an improvement from its predecessor. The restaurant provides a fairly busy environment over which you can still hear yourself.

Dinings SW3 has taken the original dishes from its sister restaurant and spun them in its own unique way. When looking at the menu in this restaurant you can expect Shrimp tempura with chilli mayo, Iberico lamb chops, the frilled chilli garlic cod and the highlight of the menu, Seared slices of wagyu beef cooked on a Josper grill served with sides of truffle and ponzu jelly.

Keep in mind that the restaurant is relatively expensive so if you want to enjoy a meal at this restaurant, your wallet will have to take a hit (we promise it’s worth it!).

2. Uchi

This hidden Japanese gem of a restaurant is tucked away at the corner of a residential street in Clapton.

It servers a short but well-executed series of Japanese classics such as kara-age chicken marinated in chilli, Fresh sushi and sashimi, pork belly yakitori and the list goes on.

The restaurant doesn’t serve many customers at a time and gives a homely vibe because of the rustic wooden stools, delicate vases and serene Noren curtains.

The restaurant serves the meals at affordable prices so you can enjoy the delicious food without breaking your buck.

3. Roka

After the success of Zuma, Rainer Becker (the owner) decided to open a new restaurant called Roka. Unlike its sister restaurant, Roka is a laid back, high-end version of an Izakaya.

All the delicious dishes such as caviar topped wagyu tempura, yellowtail sashimi with truffle, sea bass with wobbles of scallops etc are prepared on an open grill.

If you do decide to visit this restaurant you should definitely try the sushi (trust me).

It’s quite pricey but if you don’t want to spend a weeks salary on your meal, you can opt for the tasting menu which still pricy, acquaints you with some of the best dishes of the restaurant.

4. Shoryu

London is jam-packed with amazing ramen joints like Tonkotsu, Bone Daddies, Ippudo and Kanada-Ya but with great effort, we have narrowed down the best ramen joint to spend your precious time at which is Shoryu.

Chef Kanji Furukawa, born and raised in Hakata has created the perfect bone broth.

The restaurant specializes in Hakata Tonkotsu ramen which is a style of ramen made with thick, rich, white pork broth and long straight noodles which can be served as firm or as soft as you like. This mouth-watering bowl of noodles is topped with Nori and layered with rounds of pork belly and a soft Burford egg.

The best part about this ramen joint is even with the bowl of ramen and some sides your wallet won’t take a big hit.

5. Machiya

Machiya is the best restaurant on this list if you want to experience an authentic, traditional Japanese home-cooked meal. The word Machiya can be translated to a traditional wooden townhouse which is very appropriate for the restaurant. It’s a bright little restaurant tucked away on Panton Street.

The menu is quite short and the dishes haven’t been compromised to appeal to a western palate which is why you get an authentic meal like the one you would get at an izakaya in Japan.

The restaurant offers a comforting environment and the dishes are inexpensive. You’ll find yourself spending about 15£ per head on food.

The restaurant serves traditional dishes which you would find in a Japanese household such as Tonkatsu, Japanese Curry, Wagyu Katsu, Teriyaki and much more.

They also have a cosy drinking den downstairs which serves quirky and fun cocktails such as the Jigglypuff and the Smokey Negroni. The bar also serves snacks such as hot wings and wagyu sliders.


We can guarantee that you will have a great time at any of the restaurants mentioned above but keep in mind that all of them specialize in different types of Japanese food at different prices. Click on this link If you want to find out the 9 must-try traditional Japanese foods and dishes.

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