Innovative solutions for the healthcare industry

The Healthcare sector has started paying attention to facilities, interior and comfort along with the quality medical advice they provide. Since the day, technology and innovation have stepped into the healthcare field, hospitals and startups have found marvellous ways to improve their products or services and transformed the industry. The result is incredible applications of new technology and thinking that can forever change how patients are treated.

Here are a few of the exclusive innovations in healthcare.

Virtual Skylight

It’s always been an understanding and also a thoroughly researched fact, that incorporating the appropriate use of nature into the interior design of healthcare facilities reduces stress, improves health outcomes, supports pain management and promotes a sense of overall well-being among patients, visitors and staff. Cryptonit has come up with a virtual skylight and is widely used for the backlighting of high-resolution landscape & nature photography to help create a positive distraction for patients and create calming healing environments.

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