The world of Google and Gmail

We live in a completely technology-driven world. From being able to send messages and communicate with a single tap to sending humans and animals to outer space, all that we use is an aftereffect of incredible innovative advancement. Today, nothing is too far away from us, be it communicating with people out of the Earth or wanting to know about a particular topic from the internet. Everything is just one search away or should I say one Google search away.

Brief introduction of Google LLC

Google was initially developed as a search engine where one could learn about anything and everything with just one sentence search related to that topic. Google used the internet so well back then that it could collect data from various websites and web-portals and place all of it on one single page; this idea was revolutionary. Back in a time when people used to go through hundreds of pages of numerous books, the comfort of having it all in front of a computer screen felt surreal. However, Google has now become Google LLC which means it is a private company and it not only is a search engine but has established a proper ecosystem of its own from having its very own e-mail service to operating systems and working frameworks of android devices.

gmail spam folder

E-mail security

Gmail guarantees the total security of its clients and makes an honest effort to shield them from each digital communication trick or misrepresentation that can occur on their platform. The options to report e-mails and their senders, move junk email to the trash and constantly troubling e-mails to the gmail spam folder are the highlights. The user can simply click a button to block a particular sender and never receive an e-mail from the same address again. This allows the users to restrict their accounts from receiving any e-mails that might disturb them which in turn saves time and effort. The report function is very helpful too as it reports the e-mail and its sender to Google and is later looked upon and taken care of by the concerned authorities. It is all done to ensure users’ online safety and security.

Google has made some amazing progress from being only a web search engine to one of the greatest tech organizations and earning the trust of millions of individuals.

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