Uses of the HP graphite electrodes for various industrial processes

graphite electrode manufacturer

HP graphite electrode:

Graphite electrode is having high evacuation pace of release machining, difficult to measure, and also little graphite misfortune. This is why a lot of customers who were already using the copper cathodes altered their choice to use the HP graphite electrode. Graphite is actually very simpler to shape and can be easily used in the various applications. The extraordinary approach to hold the hp graphite electrode was probably the possibility of the companion and is interesting for its straightforwardness. It has making two cuts longitudinally on the cylinder edge which partition it into four most probably equivalent parts. Everyone is fixed with the pincers in order to provide it the perfect round shape.

Manufacturing of HP graphite electrodes:

HP graphite electrode,

· It is mainly for the application of high power electric arc furnace for the making of steel.

· It is used as the major heating element in the process of steel making and electric arc furnace where the scrap from the old appliances or cars is melted to produce the new steel products.

During this process, the electricity passes through these graphite electrodes in order to form the arc of the very high heat for melting the scrap steel. When considering the color characteristic of this electrode, it contains orange red color in general.

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