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When computer troubles happen, they represent more than just a mild inconvenience. They have the potential to truly bring your productivity – and your business – to its proverbial knees. Because of that, you likely don’t have the time to wait around for someone to stop by and fix the issue. Likewise, it might not be possible with your busy schedule to get to the repair shop yourself.

It was with those types of situation in mind that we created our remote computer tech support services. If you run into a problem big or small, we’ll get to the bottom of it as quickly as we can – and we don’t even have to be in the same location in order to do it.


Because both the expertise and the focus of the passionate team at Primary Support Systems isn’t limited to any one specific platform, we’re able to remotely assess and fix a wide range of different issues you might be experiencing – both on Windows PC and Apple MacOS computers and other devices.

When you first realize you have a problem, all you have to do is let us know. We’ll assess the situation and determine the root cause of all potential issues, allowing us to advise a solution and attempt a satisfying resolution as efficiently as possible.

Oftentimes, we’ll be able to use remote access software to fix the issues ourselves. Remote access computer support is by far one of the fastest ways to get the job done.

If that’s not possible, we’ll be able to walk you through how to do it yourself over the phone.

If you’re not comfortable with that, we’ll automatically dispatch a representative for on-site support.

Whatever step is necessary to make sure that the problem is fixed is a step that we’re more than willing to take.

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