What To Do About Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Rotator cuff tendinitis is the inflammation of critical tendons in the shoulder. This causes severe, uncomfortable shoulder pain that may hinder you from doing the day-to-day tasks peacefully.

The shoulder's wide range motion allows us to do many feats that would have been impossible otherwise. The shoulder is such an essential part of our body for our daily tasks that should something happen to it, the whole day's chores will be impossible to continue.

Although for children, the rotator cuff tendinitis may occur only because of accidents during sports, it may come with age and the use of the shoulder for older people. The people who are engaging in work that involves shoulder usage are at risk of getting it.

You can first identify this ailment if there is a dull ache around your shoulder which causes you more pain when you strain it. If you accidentally turn on that shoulder while sleeping, you will feel great pain. All the day-to-day activities will cause you pain eventually, and you won't be able to do anything correctly. And the tendinitis can get worse and tear the tendons too.

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How to know whether you have rotator cuff tendinitis?

This is diagnosed either by a physical examination or by asking for the patient's medical history to determine whether he exhibits any of the symptoms. It can also be found when taking an MRI or an x-ray after a sizable accident, and your shoulder isn't quite healed. To distinguish between a tear and tendinitis, both the muscle strength and the range of motion of the shoulder are tested. The muscle strength is tested after injecting a numbing agent because it can cause pain to the shoulder. If only pain is observed when moving the shoulder in varying directions, the person is said to have rotator cuff tendinitis. If there is weakness in addition to the pain, that might suggest a tear.

How to Treat Rotator Cuff?

nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

physiotherapy exercises

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1.Weighted pendulum exercise

Get a weight of about 10 pounds in your hand and lean forward about 20 degrees to let the arm hang down straightly. Then swing the arm in a circle about 1 foot in diameter at least twice a day. Your circle can get wider with time.

2.Stretching exercises


Towel stretch-

Cross body stretch

Finger walk

3.Isometric muscle toning exercises

Heat your shoulder and stretch it before doing these. A rubber band or a rubber tube can be used for these exercises.

Inward rotation

Outward rotation

Always be sure to select a reputable Burnaby physio and wellness clinic to get advice on the exercises, and with hard work, you will be able to get rid of rotator cuff tendinitis.

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