Synthesis of the TOP 5 best music streaming apps 2021

1. Darmowe Dzwonki Na Telefon

is one of the oldest streaming music services on the Internet. It has been transforming to adapt to the new times, especially to gain a presence on mobile devices.

Darmowe Dzwonki Na Telefon

2. Soundcloud

In this online music distribution platform there are none of the most listened to groups or singers, only the most indies. It is an independent website that promotes projects that are still in their early stages, those that have no place in the main streaming music platforms.

From it you can upload your own songs and perhaps reach the Top 50. Of the most listened to, some find an opportunity in the world of music at the hands of the producers.

It has applications for mobile Android , iOS and web platform.

3. Shark music

In this app, no prior registration is necessary, although if you do, you will avoid annoying pop-up ads asking you to do so, although once you play the song, it will not interrupt between tracks in the same way as in Spotify.

Apple is much more restrictive when it comes to authorizing apps in iTunes, especially when it comes to audiovisual content.

At the moment it is a music app that is only available on Android .

4. Deezer

Visually, Deezer is unbeatable. It is an application in which you can listen to free music, but not only that: you can also get personalized recommendations and select your favorite artists.

Music is streamed on Deezer and cannot be downloaded. It can be said that it is one of the most complete alternatives, obviously due to the fact that it is a more established company than the rest of the competitors.

It is totally free, although if you want to listen to music without ads you will have to become a premium user. In any case, you have a 30-day free trial that you can get a lot out of.

It has a web service and application for Android and iOS , as well as a desktop client for macOS and Windows.

5. YouTube Music

Many users choose YouTube to listen to music online. When Google introduced the option to create video playlists, everyone understood that it was doing it to steal market from applications like Spotify, and it succeeded, although with several drawbacks.

Hence the origin of YouTube Music, where you can listen to the most recent hits, keep up to date with the news of your favorite artists and discover a lot of new music that you can enjoy on all your devices.

two versions of YouTube Music

The free YouTube Music service with ads

The YouTube Music Premium service, which offers benefits such as background playback, ad-free music, and audio mode.

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