TOP 5 best music player 2021 for Android and IOS

Android phones usually come with a built-in music player app from the manufacturer, but with a number of limitations and inadequate features. Users sometimes need third party applications to get a better music playing experience. For that, I have summarized some of the best music player apps for Android, which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

The following apps are provided free of charge, although some offer in-app purchases to remove ads, or access premium features offered. Users are not obliged to make purchases, because the free features are no less interesting.

1. Sonnerie Telephone

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Sonnerie Telephone also offers a variety of features, but its decision not to show ads is what I like best. Some of the notable features include the ability to set music playback without pauses, display song lyrics, set playback speed, and edit song tags.

In addition, Sonnerie Telephone is also equipped with a Sleep Timer feature that can stop music playback automatically, based on a predetermined time. Also provided support for Chromecast, support for using voice commands from Google, and support for Android Auto.

2. Musicolet Music Player

Just like Pulsar, Musicolet is a music player application that can be downloaded for free and does not display ads. Krosbits, the developer, claims that Musicolet does not require internet access, which makes all the features it offers can be accessed offline.

Image: Krosbits / Google Play Store

Notable features that Musicolet offers include Multiple Queues, which can queue multiple songs at once, with a maximum number of up to 20 songs. Users are also offered a Powerful Equalizer feature that can adjust audio presets according to taste.

Musicolet also offers an attractive and simple design. Users can browse music by folder, queue, album, artist and playlist. Apart from that, Musicolet also offers a dark mode, which is a hot feature that many apps consider a must-have.

3. Google Play Music

Another best music player application for Android is Google Play Music. This application is a music player application that can not only play music offline, but can also stream music, with the subscription method provided by Google. Unfortunately, the streaming service offered is currently not available in Indonesia.

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The features offered by Google Play Music are not much different from other music player applications in general. One of them is a music library that can sort songs by artist, song, album, or genre. In addition, Google Play Music is also equipped with a sophisticated engine that can scan songs on your cellphone quickly.

4. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is one of my favorite music player apps, which has been popular for its music player capabilities that are different from other apps. This application offers an audio engine that can play favorite songs, and provides users with a great music listening experience.

Poweramp Music Player supports file types mp3 , mp4 / m4a , alac , ogg , wma , flac , wav , ape , wv , tta , mpc , etc. The music player offers Bass and Treble adjustments, as well as Equalizerm eXpansion, and MusicFX which can adjust the music output as desired. Users, apart from that, can also connect it with Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Android Auto.

Poweramp Music Player is available in two different versions on the Play Store. There is a trial version and a paid version. The trial version allows users to try it for 15 days, while the paid version can be purchased for IDR 43,000.

Download it on the Play Store

5. jetAudio HD Music Player

I first came to know jetAudio as a music player application on Windows PC. Now, the same application is also available for Android devices. The developer, Team Jet, claims that jetAudio is a music player application with the highest rating and download on the CNET application download site.

One of its most interesting features is the ability to play music via folders shared via Wi-Fi on local networks. For information, not many music player applications for Android have supported it. Support for various file formats, including mp3 , wav , ocg , flac , mpc , tta , wv , etc.

Just like Poweramp, some of the premium features offered by JetAudio can be unlocked by purchasing the Plus version , which is now priced at IDR57,000. Those premium features include Equalizer which supports 20 Bands, Tag Editor, display of lyrics via song tags, removal of advertisements, etc.

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