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Fascia Massage gun

Deliver quiet experience and More power

The lightweight suit, Longer life, Higher frequency, More effective

Low Noise Lower than 40db

1. Material: ABS

2. Massage head material: PP + EVA

3. Motorhead diameter: 30mm

4. Beat range: 10 mm

5. Speed: 8-speed adjustable

6. Speed range: 1100-3200 rpm

7. Decibel: 40Db

8. Display mode: LCD digital display


1. Capacity: 2500 mAh

2. Type: High-energy lithium battery

3. Rated power: 16.65W

4. Working hours:4-7 Hours


1. Rated voltage: 100-240V AC

2. Charging voltage: 16.8V DC

3. Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz

4. Rated output: DC17V / 0.7A

5. Charge time: 3-4 Hours

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