Best Pakistani Shalwar Kameez Ideas

You cannot get a more traditional Pakistani ensemble than a Shalwar Kameez. Adopting just one of the Shalwar or the Kameez can often stand you in good stead. But together, you’ll get a classy look that can say a lot about the elegance you’re looking to project.

Shalwar Kameez

We’ll mainly be focusing on the big two, Deepak Perwani and Sania Maskitaya. They cover both the best-sellers and the most glamourous sections. It’s not without good reason, though, as they have some of the best-looking items around. These selections certainly are not to be scoffed at! Let’s begin:

Deepak Perwani Collection

To start with, we’ll mention the Kurta Pajama that Deepak Perwani has created. They come in plenty of colors – Black Kurta Pajama certainly garners the most attention, though. In our store, it’s the best-selling piece we have to offer. A black cotton kurta that is embellished with kora dabka hand embroidery. It’s paired with straight pants. There are plenty of options you can go with, though – this versatility makes it even more enjoyable. For instance, you can choose to pair it with a heavily embroidered black velvet shawl, or an ovary self jamawar waistcoat.

The Dark Blue Kurta Pajama has also proven to be a popular choice with our customers. It’s a dark blue boski linen kurta shalwar with a shirt collar, French cuff and collar, and placket detailing.

We also have an array of prince coats available. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, then you could do a lot worse than to purchase a few of these. Just take a little look at the Navy Blue Prince Coat and immediately fall in love with what you’ve seen. It’s a navy blue color all over with a heavy hand embroidered motif on the front. If this navy blue coat isn’t quite your cup of tea, then you could opt for some of the other options available – there are certainly plenty!

For instance, you could choose the Navy Blue Quilted Prince Coat – a slight deviation from the previous. You might also want the Maroon Quilted Prince Coat if you prefer a warmer color but the exact style. We also have the Black Raw Silk Prince Coat and Blue Suiting Prince Coat on show if these kinds of looks pique your interest a little more.

As a lovely little supplement, you could go for the Maroon Waistcoat we have available. It’s a coat with embroidery all over the front and collar. It also has an embroidered motif on the back. If this sounds like something that might interest you, then click on the link and take a little look.

Sania Maskatiya

Now, we’ll move onto Sania Maskatiya’s portion. She’s extremely talented and has provided us with plenty of items to choose from. Just take a look at the Embroidered Sherwani. A raw silk embroidered piece that is paired with cotton pants and a Hath ari work jamawar shawl. If this particular example doesn’t suit you, then there are many other options to choose from. There’s enough variety for you to really sink your teeth into.

You could also take a little this Sherwani with pants if that’s they’re of interest to you. It’s a raw silk sherwani cut from the softest shade of aqua. It’s a wonderful, cool look for when the season eventually changes. You can find alternatives here if you feel as though one option isn’t enough.

Sania also has an Ivory Raw Silk Sherwani and an Embroidered Prince Coat – both of which are very popular with customers. They’re also a part of the more elegant group, and rightly so. Some of the most handsome looks come from this designer, so you can’t expect to get them on the cheap!

While we’ve highlighted the main attractions, that doesn’t mean you can’t also get a great deal from the more basic options on the table. Take the Basic Cotton and Silk Shalwar and Cotton And Silk Pajama, for instance. They’re some of the best-selling items themselves. Take a little look through the store, and you’ll be guaranteed to find something that suits you best!

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