Tips on Your Epoxy Floor Maintenance

An epoxy floor is trendy, and it is easy to maintain quality. Besides being durable, people love to use the epoxy floor in their homes and offices for its versatility. Epoxy is exceptionally resistant to dust and fluid, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Suggestions on maintaining your epoxy floor

Here are some suggestions you can apply in maintaining your epoxy floor-

Damage control-If there is a fear that your furniture could scratch the floor, you should use protective pads


For tougher stains or sticky substances, five ounces of ammonia in the hot water solution would remove it. If you don't want your epoxy to get stained, you must take care of it immediately after any spill. But for stains like rust, you will need to do rubbing but never rub with a metal scrubber, or your floor might get scratched.

Keeping the shine-Epoxy flooring needs a thorough cleaning

Professional service-

Epoxy is a great flooring option if you care to maintain it regularly.

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