The 8 common betting promos and bonuses in 2021


The deposit bonuses

It’s an offer given by many betting sites. The name of the offer changes from one website to the other, but they work the same. The other names include sign-up bonus or welcome bonus.

Betting sites give this offer by matching a percentage on your first deposit. The rates matched varies from one website to another. Maximum and least bonuses also do differ from one website to another. You need to know that the larger the match, the smaller the maximum bonus and vice versa.

Most deposit bonuses are only applicable on the first deposit. Other websites split them up into the second and third deposits.

Enhanced odds or reduced juice

Reduced juice (vig or vigorish) is a commission that online websites charge per bet. Enhanced bet is like reduced juice. They get reasonable prices on betting markets or on specific wagers.

No deposit bonuses

These offers are less common betting offers given on new sign-ups. The online website will provide between $10 to $30, which can help you make a few free bets. If you land on this offer, you won’t need to load your account to start your betting journey. All you do is register and start betting.

Reload bonuses

Its works like a deposit bonus, and most sports betting apps give this offer. The percentage offered matches the deposit made. Reload bonuses are low compared to welcome bonuses, but they often recur.

Free bets

When you place a bet and lose, a betting website will give you a free bet bonus to recover your lost cash. The refund can be between $25 and $50, or at times it can be a token of real money for free. Most sites use free bet promotions to encourage players to bet more on the sites. In most cases, the promotion is once.


It’s an offer that gives you a refund of the percentage of your net losses. The promotion is common to horse bettors, but some websites offer it. The common rebate given is eight percent.

Refer a friend

Many online gambling sites have the reefer-a-friend program. The program is unique as per the website you are using. You get an incentive or a bonus on every friend you refer to the site and make a deposit. The more friends you add, the better.

The referrals don’t have to be in sports alone.


The above are the common promotions and bonuses in sports betting. Which way will you go? Make some calculations to figure out which site has the best promotions and bonuses. They will result in a significant return. The website with a higher figure becomes the most appropriate one to join.

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