Some interesting facts about Song “Anybody Seen My Baby”

The Rolling Stones have steadily settled in the Forbes ranking as one of the highest paid musicians in the world, their concerts still gather full stadiums. They do not have new hits very often, but who of the stalwart oldsters, frankly speaking, composes hits nowadays? However, despite their status and unparalleled creative longevity, the Rollings were less popular than the Beatles.

The song Anybody Seen My Baby won listeners all over the world. If you don't remember the song, you can listen to it here It was remembered, it was quite actively played on FM radio, and it's one of the five songs from the Rolling Stones that have been in rotation in Russia for years.

Anybody Seen My Baby was included in the album "Bridges to Babylon" in 1997. In the UK it didn't even make the top 20 in the charts, but in the whole world it was a considerable success: it entered the charts in twenty European countries, the first position in Canada, and high positions in several Bilboard charts. It should be noted that the song became popular in Eastern Europe as well, for example, in Poland it was number one in the most authoritative chart Lista Przebojów Programu Trzeciego, which seems to hint that for once the Rollings have written something especially pleasant for the Slavic ear.

In the music video for this song, the role of the rebellious stripper was played by the young actress Angelina Jolie, and she runs around there in her underwear much of the time.

The guitar solo in the song is not Keith Richards, as everyone thought, but the popular session musician from Los Angeles, Waddy Wachtel.

Just before the album came out, Keith Richards let his daughter Angela and her friend listen to the material, and to his surprise on the chorus of Anybody Seen...they both sang the lyrics from another song. The daughter explained to Keith that the chorus sounded suspiciously like music from the k.d.lang song "Constant Craving", which was released back in 1992 on the "Ingenue" album. The situation was strange: there was a huge promotional campaign and a world tour, so the legal consequences could have been very unpleasant. After deliberation, Jaeger and Richards decided to include the authors of "Constant Craving" k.d.lang and Ben Mink in the list of "Anybody Seen..." authors.

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