Big (Korean Drama) Ep 14 - Preview + Eng Sub

Translation: Yoon Jae: so she said she only tried to save Yoon Jae, even though she knows everything, she met me. Yoon Jae: because you love her. just to save your child, you asked that woman to give birth to him? Mother: Yoon Jae.. Yoon Jae: So that's how you made her give birth to Kyung Joon? Mother: I did that. There is nothing I can't do for you, Yoon Jae Da Ran: Stop it! Yoon Jae: Tell me the truth. In this messed-up situation, you ask me to do whatever I want? Because I'm better than others??I can give up everything else. Why didn't you let me do it? Da Ran: It feels like 10.10 forever.. Yoon Jae: Please find out where I cant have a long term rental house in L.A Yoon Jae: I won't be easily used like how my mother fooled before Get Big episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 

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